Wednesday headlines: SC Supreme Court hears suit challenging Heritage Act monument protections



City tweaking protest permit and gun rules with new open-carry law

Skyler Baldwin

The City of Charleston is looking to amend a number of ordinances to better maintain public safety during public demonstrations in light of the state’s passage of new open carry rules that will take effect Aug. 15 and the growing number of permits the city has issued for parades and protests in the last year.  […]


What’s driving 10 years of growth for Charleston’s craft beer industry?

Hopped Up Charleston’s craft beer industry continues to grow, with breweries consistently opening, and old standbys like Palmetto and Holy City Brewing expanding operations. In fact, the industry that accounts for $905 million in economic impact is affecting all levels of the state’s three-tier system, as breweries, distributors and retail shops small and large try […]

Understanding the tropical fruit native to South Carolina

A 2-to-6-inch tropical fruit that’s native to South Carolina generally ripens in early August, but it rarely appears on Charleston restaurant menus, or at local Harris Teeters this time of year. But that doesn’t mean the pawpaw fruit — which loosely resembles a mango with its green exterior — isn’t a prized possession for folks […]

Breakfast food truck returning to James Island

Former FIG executive pastry chef Caitlin Schumacher is bringing breakfast burritos, sourdough bagels and other sweet treats to James Island with Girl Nextdough, a small batch baking food truck that will hit the road this summer.  And, this isn’t just any old food truck — it’s the one another former FIG pastry chef made famous.  […]

The Simplicity emerges as the music scene reawakens

Frontman John Bias climbed on top of The Royal American bar as he sang, knocking things over and accepting a shot from the bartender. It was The Simplicity’s second show back post-pandemic to showcase songs off the upcoming album Dahlin’, a compilation of rock ballads and uptempo existentialism. The new single, “Laughter,” dropped July 23.  […]