The Return of Craigslist Poetry

Do I dare / Disturb the internet?

It’s been a few months since the last installment of Craigslist Poetry, so if you’re new to the concept, here’s a primer:

First of all, you need to know that these poems are taken word-for-word from entries in the Missed Connections section of Charleston Craigslist. Never been to Missed Connections? It’s a place where people go to rekindle missed romantic opportunities and to sound the depths of their late-night lusts and lonesome feelings. It is also unsurprisingly fertile territory for confessional poetry.

Second, you need to understand that it’s highbrow art — Dadaist and whatnot. It’s part of the found poetry genre, which had a turn in the spotlight in 2003 when Slate writer Hart Seely took the press briefings of then-U.S. Defense Secretary Donald “Known Unknowns” Rumsfeld and put them in blank verse (“His work, with its dedication to the fractured rhythms of the plainspoken vernacular, is reminiscent of William Carlos Williams’,” Seely wrote). There are even a couple of journals to advance the art form, Verbatim and Found Poetry Review.

That’s pretty much all you need to know.

We are Neighbors – m4m (Summerville)

You drive a red truck.

You’re young

and I’m old.

We have spoken once in passing

and waved to each other once or twice.

I think you live with your wife

or girlfriend

or sister.

Jury duty – m4w (Goose creek)

We was at jury duty today

you was wearing a purple top with jeans

your nail tips was orange

toes had a checker design

and you work for a bank

I want to say I love your hair

most women cut it off

and I could not help my self

but to keep looking at you

Hot DUDE on Skyblue Mopad – w4m – 67 (Trolly Road)

I couldn’t help notice

when you took off through that light

like a REBEL whitout a cause.

You were looking for shark teeth at the canal – m4ww (Summerville)

You were looking for sharks teeth at the canal and I was going to show you other places to find them and when I came back you werent there.

I. I miss you stupid – m4w – 26

I WILL come get you when I am ready.

I am still working on the mararitas.

I really hate drama. And that would eliminate it.

Then sun, fun, and lovin’ on you.

I miss you crazy. And that thing you might be worried about, don’t.

God willing, it is all gonna be ok.

II. RE: I Miss You – w4m (Charleston)

I still don’t understand why you are you gone?

Why do you long when I am so near?

Only you can end this madness!

BTW. They are pursuing fraud charges against you

on some of those loans. Wish you well…

III. RE: Missing you – m4w (Charleston)


you certainly couldn’t be my ex.

Your spelling and grammar

is far too correct.

24 Aug- Royal Lanes Bowling Alley – m4w – 52 (GC/MC)

Your stature made you stand out above the rest.

Your one of the most wonderful woman

I’ve ever layed eyes on.

I never for a minute thought

I’d have the balls to talk to you.

Then, while shoving some curly fries down my throat,

you were in my face…

Diane, Denise… Just so overwhelmed by your presence.

air force base golfing – m4m (charleston)

young man walking back to club house

i spoke to you

you said you just finished your round

and it started to rain

hot dad – w4m – 33 (JI)

u are the dad of 2 pretty little girls

that attend my son’s daycare.

just want u to know that ive noticed,

and i think u r beautiful.

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