The grassroots, collaborative effort behind Good Hair makes it a sweet short film deserving of more runtime

A Dollar and a Dream

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Over 40 years of Arnold Edmondson’s art cataloged in digital archive

Heath Ellison

Art historian Naomi Edmondson, the daughter of late Lowcountry artist Arnold Edmondson, recently created an online archive of her father’s expansive body of visual art pieces


SC senators call on McMaster to name COVID logistics leader

S.C. Sens. Nikki Setzler and Stephen Golfinch have called on Gov. Henry McMaster to create a new director position responsible for spearheading the state’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution and nominated retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert E. Livingston Jr. for the role. Meanwhile, state health officials reported 3,528 new cases of the coronavirus and 23 additional […]

Tennis Courts serves up its ‘Best Regards’ on EP

Indie rock band Tennis Courts released its new EP Best Regards Friday.

Infante: Beware the post-coup rush to lionize Charleston’s new congresswoman

Nancy Mace’s Magical Moderate Makeover Tour The tear gas had barely dissipated in the halls of the U.S. Capitol, the glass shattered by the MAGA mobs hardly swept up, before the Nancy Mace Rehabilitation Tour began in earnest. If you were watching closely, you saw the Palmetto State’s freshman GOP striver morph from MAGA-backing reactionary […]

Clyburn calls poet Amanda Gorman’s words ‘providential’

Amanda Gorman was seated with her mother between Congressman James Clyburn and Jennifer Lopez on the balcony in front of the U.S. Capitol for Wednesday’s inauguration. At her mother’s request, Clyburn posed for a photo and chit-chatted with the youth poet laureate who was about to steal the show a few feet away after President […]