The 2018 City Paper Music Awards

First off, thanks for voting, dear readers, in the 2018 City Paper Music Awards — and cheers to you for voting thoughtfully. This year we tried to drive home the importance of recognizing female artists. While we love all of last year’s winners, it was a little disappointing to see only one female-fronted act take home a CPMA. That’s all changed, thanks to you, and now we have no less than 18 winning women — vocalists, guitarists, violinists, the works — getting some well-deserved recognition.

If that’s not excitement enough, we also have a stacked CPMA showcase for you on Mon. Nov. 19 at the Pour House featuring a slew of winning acts: Marshgrass Mamas, DJ Rehab, Jump Castle Riot, Sexbruise?, Abstract That Rapper, Fusion Jonez, Down Under, DUMB Doctors, Well Charged, Orange Doors, Becca Smith, Little Bird, Wolfgang Zimmerman & the Invisible Low End Power, and Warrick McZeke.

We’ll also be taking a few moments to remember the late Box Bachschmidt, who was our CPMA emcee for years, with a musical tribute from just a few of the acts whose lives he touched: Katie Rose, Coleman Sawyer, and members of the High Divers.

We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a very special night of performances by 17 local acts, a cool little sampling of the incredible talent this city has to offer. It’s the only night of the year where you’ll find a diverse crowd of this kind, where artists and lovers of metal, punk, hip-hop, jazz, bluegrass, country, electronic, and more celebrate each other’s music together in the same room. You do not want to miss it!

2018 Winners

Album of the Year (TIE): Sparrow — Jump, Little Children, Ranky Tanky — Ranky Tanky

Bassist of the Year: Jeremy Holenko, Fusion Jonez

Bluegrass Band of the Year: The Marshgrass Mamas

Blues Act of the Year: Jump Castle Riot

Country/Americana Band of the Year: Mike Martin and the Beautiful Mess

DJ of the Year: DJ Rehab

Drummer of the Year: Asher DiBernardo, Fusion Jonez

Electronic/Experimental Act of the Year: Sexbruise?

Guitarist of the Year: Jay Van Raalte, Jump Castle Riot

Hip-Hop Act of the Year: Abstract that Rapper

Jam Band of the Year: Dangermuffin

Jazz Artist of the Year: Fusion Jonez

Metal Band of the Year: Down Under

Music Video of the Year: “Hand on My Heartache”— Jump, Little Children

Pianist of the Year: Noah Jones

Punk Band of the Year: DUMB Doctors

Reggae Band of the Year: Well Charged

Rock Band of the Year: Orange Doors

Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Becca Smith

Song of the Year: “2young” — Stop Light Observations

Soul/R&B Act of the Year: Little Bird

Studio/Producer of the Year: Wolfgang Zimmerman

Up-And-Coming Band of the Year: Warrick McZeke

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The 2017 City Paper Music Awards

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The City Paper Music Awards are back, and this year’s selections, chosen by you, dear reader, include two dozen of the best in the local music industry.


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