Swig & Swine will serve complimentary wings as part of national Kingsford Charcoal campaign

Wings on the house

On Sept. 2, Swig & Swine will offer complimentary wings courtesy of Kingsford Charcoal, which is giving out a $5,000 tab to 18 barbecue restaurants nationwide. 

The promotion is part of Kingsford’s national #TogetherWithBBQ campaign, which aims to “support and encourage local communities to enjoy and experience their pitmaster’s signature offerings.” On Sept. 2, all three Swig & Swine locations will offer a complimentary order of 12 wings per customer while the tab lasts.

Kingsford launched the initial #TogetherWithBBQ program earlier this year, donating $10,000 to 25 pitmasters across the country including Swig & Swine owner Anthony DiBernardo. The funds aimed to help pitmasters offset the cost of inventory, monthly rent and mortgage payments, employee salaries and more.

“I’m so grateful to again be collaborating with Kingsford and their efforts to support barbecue restaurants across the country,” said DiBernardo. “They have been so gracious in supporting us and we look forward to September 2nd and having the $5,000 tab so guests can enjoy our wings.”

Swig & Swine has locations in West Ashley, Mount Pleasant and Summerville, each of which are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For more information on Kingsford’s program, visit kingsford.com/famous-bites

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