Starting Thursday, Saha will bring gyros, shawarma and more to Workshop

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Best of Charleston 2021 Winners

City Paper Staff

Winning Best of Charleston 2021 is a triumph worth celebrating. Even in “normal” times, all of the winners on this list will tell you that earning the recognition of the Charleston community is no easy task. Every one of this year’s winners, runners-up and finalists deserve credit for navigating 2020. We made it. If we’ve […]


Wednesday headlines: Gas shortages across Southeast, officials caution against panic buying

If you’re low on gas today, good luck in finding some as consumers across South Carolina and the Southeast have been hoarding fuel in a panic after hackers disrupted flow in pipelines. Gas prices rose 2 cents nationally as a consequence of the Colonial Pipeline hack and the resulting rush to find fuel. State officials […]

Why Best of Charleston 2021 feels different

Best of Charleston 2021 is the largest single Charleston City Paper issue to be published since April 2019. Nearly a year before masks, lockdowns and social distancing, no one had any idea of what was to come just a few short months later. But, we made it, and the issue you’re holding is a testament […]