Sarah’s Dumps celebrates Dumpling Day this Saturday at Frothy Beard

Sarah Williams-Scalise is bringing her cult-favorite frozen dumplings to Frothy Beard Brewing Company Saturday in honor of National Dumping Day. Sarah’s Dumps will offer four traditional or vegan dumps to pair with a flight of four Frothy Beard beers, a combo that will be available at the brewery from 3-7 p.m. 

“The idea last year, knowing that National Dumpling Day was a day, I was thinking it would be a collaboration between us and other Asian restaurants that make dumplings,” said Williams-Scalise. “I don’t want to disrupt other restaurants, so I thought about pairing the dumplings with beer.”

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After initially launching in October 2019, Williams-Scalise ramped up production of the freezer-ready version of her dumplings at the onset of the pandemic, which she’s been delivering all over the Lowcountry with her husband Nathan. You don’t even have to thaw these babies before steaming or pan-frying them, and the couple shares cooking instructions and a recipe for a dipping sauce with each 30-pack of dumps. 

Saturday, Nathan will be in the Zombie Bob’s kitchen at Frothy Beard cooking the dumplings to order. Patrons can also order four-packs, crowlers and packs of 30 frozen dumplings to-go via Frothy Beard’s website and create their own experience at home. 

Stay tuned for more from the online dumpling delivery business that has taken off since the start of the pandemic. Williams-Scalise said her Buffalo-style dumps will soon be available at two-area restaurants in honor of football season, and she’s teaming up with local Spanish pop-up The Castejons to offer a paella dumpling the first week of October. She’s also partnering with First Name Basis and Off Track Ice Cream to offer a delivery package in November.  

For more information on Saturday’s pop-up, follow Sarah’s Dumps on Instagram @sarahsdumps. To order Sarah’s Dumps, email or text (843) 900-4396.

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