Root Baking Co. is closing up shop and moving to Atlanta

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Recapping ‘City Paper’ writers’ top eats from 2020

Sam Spence

Memorable Meals Dining in the year 2020 wasn’t what anyone expected, but it led many to expand their palates — sometimes out of sheer boredom. From top takeout to red rice and pimento cheese-filled egg rolls, these are the meals our writers remember most from the past 12 months. Elise DeVoe Formaggio and champignon pizza […]


Wiki Wiki Sandbar revamps menu, shifting focus to local seafood

Look for a local seafood-forward menu at Wiki Wiki Sandbar, which moved to 15 Center St. in December.

Brack: Reconsider South Carolina’s death penalty

South Carolina, one of 24 states that continues to allow executions, hasn’t been able to carry one out for the last decade because it hasn’t had access to lethal injection drugs. Those on death row currently pick whether they want to die by electrocution or lethal injection. Predictably with the drugs not available, that is the preferred […]

2,101 acres of undeveloped land in Charleston County under permanent protection

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) announced Friday that the third-largest undeveloped tract of land in Charleston County is under permanent protection through a conservation easement that supports agricultural, forestry and recreational use. The Willtown tract, 2,101 acres of undeveloped land, contributes to a 29-mile contiguous corridor of natural habitats for wildlife. The easement will keep the […]

5/7 COVID-19 update: 451 cases; 4.0% positive; 2 deaths

What to know today: Gov. Henry McMaster has demanded South Carolina stop participating in all pandemic-related federal unemployment programs, including $300 weekly payments that aren’t set to expire for several months, due to worker shortages across the state. Extra payments, jobless benefit programs and extended timelines to receive the aid have substituted for income for millions […]