Review: Another Asherie success with collaboration ‘Odeon’



Metal + Petal hoping to blossom in Charleston design scene

Michael Smallwood

Interior design can be a very intimidating process. Depending on your taste and budget, the possibilities can be endless, and so can the potential for disastrous decisions. Interior design firms, then, are incredibly vital to businesses or individuals looking to make big changes to their spaces. Enter Metal + Petal, an interior-design company that is […]


Inside the mind of singer-songwriter Cole Collins

Local musician and producer Cole Collins’ newest singles, “SOMEDAYS” and “Solar Reprise,” show him returning to writing and releasing music with renewed fervor after a hiatus. The artist found himself with more availability during the pandemic to revisit old projects he left unfinished . “It just gave me an unbelievable amount of time to start […]

Draft report outlines 125 ways Charleston government can be ‘actively anti-racist’

“Not going to white-wash any of the recommendations” The City of Charleston’s Special Commission on Equity, Inclusion and Racial Conciliation released Wednesday a 545-page draft plan documenting its work so far, including 125 recommendations to promote racial justice and equity in the city. The report is the culmination of a year spent reviewing city policies, […]

‘Dessert Camper’ now open on Dashi patio

North Charleston Latin-Asian fusion restaurant Dashi recently debuted its new Dessert Camper, now serving local ice cream from Cirsea and treats from Camper pastry chef Austin Dubinsky, who doubles as the pastry chef for 5Church and Tempest.  “About three weeks ago, I started speaking with Dashi,” said Dubinsky, who transitioned to a job in food […]

Thursday headlines: Columbia expected to require masks, setting up legal challenge

The City of Columbia is planning to require masks in elementary and middle schools if it declares a state of emergency today as COVID-19 cases surge. The move, which is sure to set up a legal challenge following a state budget proviso that banned masks in classrooms, would be the first by a local government […]