The poorest neighborhoods have easy access to junk food, but not fresh fruit and veggies

Unbalanced Diet


Last-minute gift idea: Help build a homeless shelter

If you’ve ever set foot inside Crisis Ministries’ homeless shelter on Meeting Street, you know they do the best with what they’ve got. The kitchen, where volunteers prepare 200,000 meals a year, is cramped and outdated. The men’s dorm, which doubles as the dining room, tends to leak through the roof on rainy nights. The bunks and concrete floors are clean, but they lack almost all of the creature comforts of home.

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10-episode PBS series following Callie’s owner Carrie Morey coming in May 

How She Rolls will be available for streaming starting May 13.

Thursday Headlines: Earth Day 2021, Emissions goals, Legislature on short deadline

Today is Earth Day 2021, and it seems bigger than usual with the large infrastructure package being pushed by the Biden administration, an international summit today being led by President Joe Biden, and a lot more local attention on what can be done. Biden also is expected to commit the nation to halving greenhouse gas […]

Businesses partner with RiverDogs on clothing kits for Lowcountry Orphan Relief

Suburban Propane, based in Summerville, is partnering with Tanger Outlets and the Charleston RiverDogs to put together clothing kits for Lowcountry Orphan Relief, a nonprofit that provides support services and help to Lowcountry children who are at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect. Representatives from each organization, and Charlie T. Riverdog himself met Monday […]

Charleston Stage’s 44th season includes new favorites and classics

Charleston Stage has announced a new, full, in-person 44th season. Premiering at the Dock Street Theatre, Pearl Theatre and West Ashley Theatre Center, Charleston Stage’s lineup includes Tony-, Olivier- and Grammy-winning plays and musicals. The MainStage season will feature Bright Star, Blithe Spirit, Elf, Murder on the Orient Express, Black Pearl Sings! and Kinky Boots. […]