Rebel Taqueria opening a new location on Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston this summer

Tacos, tequila and cold beer

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Pakistani concept Ma'am Saab joins Workshop when it reopens Thursday

Workshop is reopening Thursday for curbside pick-up, to-go orders, and limited patio seating.

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Recapping ‘City Paper’ writers’ top eats from 2020

Parker Milner

Memorable Meals Dining in the year 2020 wasn’t what anyone expected, but it led many to expand their palates — sometimes out of sheer boredom. From top takeout to red rice and pimento cheese-filled egg rolls, these are the meals our writers remember most from the past 12 months. Elise DeVoe Formaggio and champignon pizza […]


The Destinators open minds on latest single

The Destinators released their latest single “Loosen Up Your Mind” Jan. 15.

WATCH: Ranky Tanky performs during inauguration event, Clyburn talks HBCUs

Ranky Tanky performed as part of “We are One,” a celebration of the accomplishments of Black Americans, in conjunction with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today.

McCorkle: What I saw in Washington on January 6

I made a somewhat last-minute decision to drive up to Washington D.C. two weeks ago to take photos and interview people at the pro-Trump rally. There had been a lot of chatter about what would happen on the 6th. I wanted to see it first hand and also be there when the actual certification took […]

The Agenda: Biden sworn in today; Carnival ready to resume Cuba travel if ban is lifted

Biden to be sworn in as 46th President today at noon. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is set to take the oath of office at noon today to become the next President of the United States. President Donald Trump left the White House this morning on his way to Florida. Inauguration ceremonies are scheduled to open […]