PURE Theatre announces season 18, ‘Season of Hope’

PURE Instagram; The theater may look like this now, but that doesn’t mean brighter days aren’t ahead

PURE Theatre has announced plans for their 18th season, which will begin this October with virtual content and, conditions permitting, eventually include in-person live performances.

Season 18’s tagline is “Season of Hope,” and the performance lineup features stories of inspiration and aspiration with five productions that look at the lives of some of the world’s most influential people. Each of the plays will be recorded using professional filmmakers and videographers and will be available via streaming for ticket holders.

In a press release PURE’s artistic director Sharon Graci said: “While circumstances of producing theater may be unprecedented, the essence of PURE shines through as we continue to keep the promises we made almost two decades ago: to only tell stories worth listening to, to relentlessly strive for excellence, and to always give audiences something to talk about when they leave the theater.”

Season 18 lineup

No Child, October

Presented in partnership with Iowa City’s Riverside Theatre, No Child explores the state of education as seen within the halls and classrooms of Malcolm X High School. Variety has said of the play: “it’s enough to make angels weep.”

Satchmo at the Waldorf, December

In this play from Terry Teachout, Louis Armstrong reflects on his experiences as a Black musician at the end of his career.

Little Gem, January 2021

Elaine Murphy’s Little Gem tells the story of three generations of North Dublin women suddenly facing the unexpected. A winner of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Little Gem was described by the NYT as a “slice-of-life story through interwoven, interlocking monologues.”

Gloria: A Life, March 2021

PURE presents a play about famous women’s rights advocate Gloria Steinem next March.

The Play That Goes Wrong, May/June 2021

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, The Play That Goes Wrong rounds out PURE’s 18th season. NYT praised the play: “When your world — or, as it often seems these days, the world — is falling apart, there’s perverse comfort in watching things go smash in a safe, contained environment.”

In addition to these five plays, PURE launches more digital content this September. Check out the PURE Theatre Podcast, hosted by PURE ensemble member Michael Smallwood as well as PURE 101, a Zoom series that takes participants behind the scenes of the theater with PURE co-founder Rodney Lee Rogers.

The theater is also partnering with local bookstore, Buxton Books, for PURE Virtual Book Club, featuring books curated by Buxton owner Polly Buxton and PURE’s Sharon Graci. The club includes access to live conversations with authors and playwrights.

Learn more about PURE and all of their upcoming programming online at puretheatre.org.

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