One at a Time: Easy Honey reads "Body Language"; Duwayne Motley's two singles; DJ DollaMenu's TikTok-worthy track

Plus two electronic music collabs to get hyped for

Ruta Smith

Welcome back to One at a Time, where we break down the latest tracks from local artists, and put them all in one place for you.

"Body Language," Easy Honey
Easy Honey continues to make a push to be your favorite '90s alt rock band in 2020 on "Body Language." Out of the singles they've released in the last few months, "Body Language" might be the best, most fully-realized of the batch. It's a pleading and seductive rocker with lyrics and music that are pitch-perfect for each other.

"Rock with Me (ft. Zavier)," Rural Resonance
Electronic producer Rural Resonance and rapper Zavier got together for a mysterious hip-hop track, "Rock with Me." Rural Resonance's floating and atmospheric beats compliment Zavier's stream of conscience rhymes and unending flow.

"Secrets (ft. Matt Monday, Quiana Parler)" and "You & I (ft. Chris Dodson)," Duwayne Motley
Duwayne Motley has returned with a few new tracks after a surprise hit on the Deep House charts in 2019. He brings the energy of a hit-maker on his latest singles. "You & I" is a chill party mix outfitted with drum breaks all over. "Secrets" is a much more hyperactive tune, fit with guest vocals from singer Quiana Parler and rapper Matt Monday.

"GottasaythatIneedyou," Persona La Ave and Baraka
Like many other songs in Persona la Ave’s catalog, this finds the sweet spot between left field and loving. There’s just something about the way Persona writes some of these electronic hooks that sounds romantic. Even as the track warbles and distorts, it’s something you could imagine working in an indie romance film.

"For You Page," DJ DollaMenu

Local hip-hop's class clown DJ DollaMenu made his own social distancing music video for his latest single "For You Page." The tune has pretty much everything you need for a hit in 2020: plenty of humorous lines, a catchy beat and its own TikTok dance.

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