MUSC introduces in-residence service dogs to pediatric patients

Woof, there he is

On Aug. 21, the Joy in Childhood Foundation (JICF) grants the Medical University of South Carolina two in-residence service dogs during the “Day of Joy” celebration. The in-residence service dogs are trained to provide medical assistance and comfort to pediatric patients in the Charleston area.

The grant is provided by JICF’s “Dogs for Joy” program, which aims to provide full-time service dogs to children’s hospitals across the country. These in-residence dogs are able to assist patients in a plethora of tasks, from calming children during treatments to teaching them how to put on a hospital robe. This fall, the “Dogs for Joy” program will provide 11 in-residence dogs to nine children’s hospitals, including MUSC.

During the “Day of Joy” pediatric patients, family members, MUSC staff, and guests got to welcome the service dogs through games and activities, including a meet-and-greet, an arts and crafts station, and playing with new toys provided by JICF.

Pediatric patients at MUSC were also present to share how service dogs have positively impacted their treatment experience, and representatives from JICF and MUSC will speak about the benefits of service dogs in pediatric facilities.

Learn more about the Joy In Childhood Foundation online.

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