Micho celebrates Mexican border-style hot dogs with guest chef series

Every Thursday through September 24

Susannah Elliot Lyric Photography Charleston

Kwei Fei co-owners David and Tina Schuttenberg are celebrating the inspiration behind their walk-up window at the Charleston Pour House with a new guest chef series.

The couple opened Micho serving tacos, tortas, tostadas and Mexican border-style hot dogs on the Pour House deck in December 2019. This month, they’re asking Lowcountry chefs to submit recipes for their version of the Mexican border dog, a staple dish in Arizona where the Schuttenbergs grew up.

The classic Mexican border dog and the one served at Micho features a bacon-wrapped all-beef hot dog with condiments like pinto beans, lettuce, pico de gallo and yellow mustard. Every Thursday from Aug. 6 through Sept. 24, a different chef will submit their riff on the recipe to run on the Micho menu for that day.
[content-2] “The mission, should you choose to accept it, comes with the following caveat; please build your dogs knowing that they are a three ounce all-beef Sabretts dog, wrapped in Heritage Farms sliced bacon and come served in a Normandy Farms bolillo roll (unless you go the vegan route, in which we use Field Roast vegan dogs, and a vegan roll),” the Schuttenbergs wrote in a message to participating chefs.

From there, the Micho kitchen crew will handle the ingredients and create each hot dog based on the chef’s recipe in an effort to maintain social distancing.

“We've always done a lot of collaborations. It took us a bit to figure out how to make that spirit work in the current climate, but we're back at it,” Tina said. “Since we want to keep things safe, we've asked that each chef send us their recipe and we'll execute their vision.”
[content-1] Chubby Fish’s James London, Bar George’s Alex Lira, Daps Breakfast & Imbibe’s Nick Dowling and Jeremiah Schenzel and Kwei Fei chef de cuisine Greg Kurtzman are a few of the notable chefs submitting hot dog ideas for the series.

"We jump at any chance to collaborate with our friends, so when Micho reached out to help create a border dog we were super excited," Dowling said. "We decided to highlight ingredients we work with every day but in a few different lights."

The Daps border dog will feature cured egg yolks, Zia red hatch chili's, smoked bacon breadcrumbs and of course, cheese sauce. "Fun, slightly messy, just as a border dog should be," Dowling said.

Kurtzman, whose dog will debut in early September, is taking a different approach. “I was thinking of doing a spin on the mapo tofu, which is a dish that we’ve had on our menu over here [at Kwei Fei],” Kurtzman said. “I was going to take that same flavor profile and do a mapo tofu chili dog. So it will be tofu, pork and have this nice beautiful thick red sauce like a chili would have but using Asian ingredients.”

Micho will unveil a new hot dog every Thursday, serving it in addition to the full daily menu. This Thursday, look for James London's Shorty Dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with short rib marmalade, pickled cherry peppers and chives.

Micho is open for takeout and patio dining Tuesday through Sunday. For more information on the series, follow Micho on Instagram @micho_chs.

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