Maya del Sol Kitchen will bring chef’s table format to North Charleston

Carne en su Jugo

Former R. Kitchen chef and local restaurateur Raul Sanchez has announced the upcoming opening of Maya del Sol Kitchen, located at 1813 Reynolds Avenue in the space next door to Rebel Taqueria (opening Tuesday). Maya del Sol Kitchen will offer a multi-course chef’s table format featuring Sanchez’s authentic Mexican cuisine at a set price. 

“After owning and operating previous restaurants and discovering and working with R. Kitchen in Charleston, I realized that what I love the most is the ability to interact and talk about the food I’m making with my customers,” Sanchez said in a press release. “The Kitchen setting will allow me as a chef to create the dishes I want to create in front of my customers while being able to talk and connect with people.”

Sanchez | Jonathan Boncek

This isn’t Sanchez’s first solo venture. In addition to his work at R. Kitchen, he was also the owner and operator of Raul’s Taqueria and Raul’s Maya del Sol, both in North Charleston.

Sanchez will offer several take-and-bake options in addition to the evening chef’s table, with dishes like Carne en su Jugo — a traditional Mexican dish that translates to “meat cooked in its own juices” — and tamales available for pick-up.

Maya del Sol Kitchen is slated to open by the end of November, the press release said. For more information, call (708) 602-0556 or email

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