Marcus Amaker creates website for artists isolated during coronavirus


We still create

Charleston's poet laureate and talented graphic designer Marcus Amaker has created a temporary website, We Still Create, for Charleston's creatives to utilize during their current isolation. With the CDC recommending social distancing, many artists who usually create in group settings or perform in public places are stuck at home.

"I want this website to be an online gallery of work created during our collective isolation," says Amaker. "With everything that’s happening, the world can seem claustrophobic and shadowed. That’s where art comes in — to open us up and remind us that there’s still room for endless amounts of reflection and creativity."

Interested artists simply need to fill out an easy online form with their social media info, links for payment (because artists should always be compensated for their work), and their poetry/visual art/music — you name it.

We Still Create will publish this work, offering one platform for all of Charleston's artists to have their work on display. As Amaker says, "Social media controls too much of our narrative. Let’s look elsewhere for content."

Amaker also notes that this website is temporary, because this health scare is temporary.

Let's hope supporting local artists, though, becomes a permanent fixture in our everyday lives.

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