Mansueta’s continues pop-up streak Thursday on Daniel Island

$1 from every order of Mansueta’s grilled chicken sold through October will be donated to Darkness to Light | Photo Provided

Mansueta’s owner Nikko Cagalanan and his small team have been making their rounds since the Filipino concept departed Workshop at the end of July. Thursday, Mansueta’s will host a dinner at Beech on Daniel Island — Cagalanan said this will be their 30th pop-up in 56 nights. 

“It’s a lot, but we’re prepared to do more pop-ups. Everybody’s trying to step up,” said Cagalanan, whose team includes sous chef Joel Carnright, Justin Bowers and Jacob Schor, the owner of the Julius’ Delicatessen Workshop stall that departed this summer. 

Thursday’s pop-up at Beech comes three weeks after the team traveled to Colorado for a retreat. The crew spent an extended weekend camping and hiking, reaching the summits of Mount Evans and Mount Spalding. 

“It was a fun week to get out of Charleston and get a break,” Cagalanan said. “The physical experience we did there was so hard. We discussed the future of Mansueta’s in the mountains when we were just hanging out.” 

Back in Charleston, it was right back to work. Cagalanan said he hopes the future will bring Mansueta’s a permanent home, but for now he’s focused on expanding pop-ups off the peninsula. In addition to his regular rotation downtown at 132 Spring, Doar Bros. and Vintage Lounge, he plans to do more in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston and Daniel Island. 

“Right now, we’re trying to expand to Daniel Island and North Charleston with Stems & Skins,” Cagalanan said. “If people don’t want to go downtown, we’ll go to them so they can try our food.” 

Beech general manager Steve Seguin is looking forward to watching the rising chef at work Thursday. 

“Nikko and his crew have been creating delectable delights for Charleston’s diners since he landed at Workshop, and we have the privilege to host him at Beech on Daniel Island on September 17,” Seguin said. “Nikko Cagalanan is at the forefront of Charleston’s next wave of talented chefs, and we are beyond excited to share our kitchen with him and his team.” 

Beech focuses on smoothies, salads and acai bowls, but Cagalanan said Seguin’s setup is perfect for a pop-up. 

“I’m going to bring my own fryer, but they pretty much have everything I need,” he said. 

For more information and a pop-up schedule, follow Mansueta’s on Instagram @mansuetasfilipinofood.  

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