Love and loss in PURE Theatre’s The Last Five Years

An Upside Down Marriage

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‘Salome’ has fun with death and feminism in a strong opening performance

Heath Ellison

Salome made its point immediately last night. The band halted their pre-show tuning, the audience silenced in response — and “Another One Bites the Dust” started playing over the speakers as the curtain rose to reveal a geometrically uneven stage. One character does a line of coke and the orchestra begins performing Richard Strauss’ classic […]


New Frothy Beard IPA benefits Charleston Moves

Frothy Beard will donate all proceeds from its newest beer to Charleston Moves.

The Agenda: McMaster’s emergency power in question; Exceptions added to anti-abortion bill

Bill tweaking governor’s emergency powers heads to House. A bill that would allow South Carolina legislators to have the chance to change or end a prolonged state of emergency from S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster passed the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. McMaster reportedly supports the bill. Source: Associated Press S.C. state rep launches committee to challenge […]

Workshop will close its doors for good this spring

Workshop will permanently close this spring.

Woodlands Nature Reserve offers glamping respite close to Charleston

A Secret Paradise A s the sun begins to set behind the waters of Palmetto Lake under a darkening sky, the sound of a crackling fire lulls some to sleep, and keeps others awake late into the night sharing tales and a few tranquil moments, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Shops, restaurants and […]