Local 616 reopens with a new patio and resident Korean pop-up

Owner Dwayne Mitchell reopened Local 616 last weekend after a six month closure due to the pandemic

For the first time since March, Local 616 opened its doors on Saturday with added outdoor seating, sanitation stations and temperature checks upon entry. The neighborhood bar’s initial opening hours will be from 4-11 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday along with select Sundays for Carolina Panthers football games.

“Me alongside so many others have been working towards this goal for many many months to provide ourselves and every one of you the safest environment we could re-imagine,” owner Dwayne Mitchell wrote on social media. “I’m choosing to push forward with everyone here working at Local 616 and everyone of you that choose to come and be part again of this special place for me, the staff and all of you.”

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I’ve got a special announcement to make today… It has been a long time coming. WE ARE REOPENING ON SATURDAY AT 4PM!!! Me alongside so many others have been working towards this goal for many many months to provide ourselves and every one of you the safest environment we could reimagine. It has taken a lot of work and a lot of input from many of you to help us get to this point of reopening Local 616. It wasn’t easy and I had a moment of reckoning with myself as to what I wanted to do. And I’m choosing to push forward with everyone here working at Local 616 and everyone of you that choose to come and be part again of this special place for me, the staff, and all of you. We also are privy to have @bahmbahmchs cooking absolutely delicious Korean Fare at Local 616! Their food is amazing! So no more Bojangles Sundays 😂 As you have seen we have expanded the Party Barge to now have the Poop Deck as well. As our main focus is outside service at this point. We have signage up for mask requirements and our protocol. I’ve installed automated hand sanitizer, soap and hand towel dispensers in the bathrooms. We will be doing a temperature check upon entering Local 616 and also hand sanitizing. We will be operating at half capacity because dems the rules and for the ease and comfort of all. We’ve taped the floor to help with the flow of people inside. We have bar service areas on both ends of the bar. There will be no seating at the bar itself. I have done all of this, with a couple other good surprises to come, to ensure not only our safety, but yours as well. I am relying upon not only us holding everyone that comes into Local 616 accountable, but you all holding us accountable and every single person that comes in accountable as well. We can have a safe space. We can do this together. We have to do this together. I’ve missed everyone of you and I know we all want and can love and respect Local 616 and it’s Family Together. Word. NEW DAILY HOURS MONDAY: CLOSED(exception Panthers Games) TUESDAY: CLOSED WEDNESDAY:4-11PM THURSDAY: 4-11PM FRIDAY: 4-11PM SATURDAY: 4-11PM SUNDAY: OPEN AN HOUR BEFORE AND AFTER PANTHERS GAMES THEN CLOSED

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Mitchell also announced the debut of Local 616’s new resident pop-up Bahm Bahm, a Korean concept from former Butcher & Bee chef Alison Cates-Chong.

Cates-Chong’s interest in Korean street food originates from her time in Washington, D.C., when she lived in a Korean neighborhood, an interest she shares with her husband Sam, who is first generation Korean.  

“616 was my husband’s favorite bar when we used to live close to it,” said Cates-Chong, who left her job at Butcher & Bee to pursue Bahm Bahm full time. The chef said she’s been in contact with Mitchell for just under a year about popping up in his vacant kitchen. The name Bahm Bahm — which means “night night” in Korean — hints at the late night-style street snacks Cates plans to serve.

Each weekend (Thursday-Saturday from 6-11 p.m.), Cates-Chong will serve dishes like Korean popcorn chicken, Tteokbokki (rice cakes with mozzarella and gochujang sauce), kimchi fried rice and one riff on a popular fast food sandwich.

“One of our favorite things is the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, so we’re doing one of those on a Japanese milk bread bun,” Cates-Chong said.

A house-made milk bun that is. In fact, Cates-Chong is making all her bread in house. She’s also whipping up her own spam, and her husband is fermenting a new batch of homemade kimchi that will be ready for this weekend’s fried rice offering.

Cates-Chong can’t wait to feed Mitchell’s regulars and those in search of delicious Korean-inspired food.

“To be able to step away from the responsibilities of a restaurant and make food for my friends in a space like Dwayne’s feels like a dream.”

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