Line cooks keep restaurant operations churning behind the scenes, especially during a pandemic

Erin Sullivan’s role changes daily at Park Circle’s Jackrabbit Filly | Photos by Ruta Smith

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Best of Charleston 2021 Winners

City Paper Staff

Winning Best of Charleston 2021 is a triumph worth celebrating. Even in “normal” times, all of the winners on this list will tell you that earning the recognition of the Charleston community is no easy task. Every one of this year’s winners, runners-up and finalists deserve credit for navigating 2020. We made it. If we’ve […]


Why Best of Charleston 2021 feels different

Best of Charleston 2021 is the largest single Charleston City Paper issue to be published since April 2019. Nearly a year before masks, lockdowns and social distancing, no one had any idea of what was to come just a few short months later. But, we made it, and the issue you’re holding is a testament […]

What to do for the week of May 12

8th Annual Crawfish Boil The crawfish are going to be piled high for this year’s annual crawfish boil at LG’s. Fun and games will be available for the kids, with drink specials offered for adults. The fun lasts until the grub runs out, so be sure to get there early. Bring your own folding chairs because […]