Jon Batiste taps the piano’s rhythmic character with confidence and style

Unity through music

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Jon Batiste’s trademark harmonaboard will make an appearance at this year’s festival

If you’re used to seeing the Louisiana-born singer, bandleader, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Batiste leading his versatile soul-jazz-rock ensemble Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’re in for a surprise when it comes to his two Spoleto performances. The opening night set will be a solo show, featuring Batiste on piano (and probably his trademark harmonaboard, a melodica-style handheld keyboard-harmonica), performing songs from a new, as-yet untitled album that’s a collaboration between himself and producer/songwriter T-Bone Burnett (Elvis Costello, Los Lobos, Gillian Welch, Brandi Carlile, and dozens of others).

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The Spoleto Finale survives rain and a new venue in a return to greatness

Stratton Lawrence

A third venue in as many years and ominous skies threatening tornados can’t stop Charleston’s best event. No need to bury the lede — the Spoleto Finale is back. Despite pounding rain (seek shelter!) a few songs into Benny Starr’s set, the show went on. (Starr did ask for it, teasing the release of his […]


City participating in national COVID-19 memorial Tuesday evening

The city of Charleston will participate in a nationwide COVID-19 memorial today to honor the almost 400,000 Americans killed by the virus.

1/19 COVID-19 update: 2,570 cases; 23.9% positive; 11 deaths

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 2,570 new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, with 11 additional confirmed deaths. As of Saturday, officials say daily updates include all reported cases after the state resolved an internal issue that caused some data to be partially reported last week. With 10,773 tests reported Tuesday, 23.9% were positive. As of 1:48 p.m. Jan. […]

The Agenda: 650 SC National Guard troops in Washington; SC among worst for vaccine rollout

650: The number of South Carolina National Guard troops on hand for the inauguration on Wednesday, two weeks after factions of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol as President-elect Joe Biden’s victory was becoming official. Source: WYFF-TV The federal Centers for Disease Control said South Carolina is the worst in the nation for distributing its […]

Ray DeeZy wants his flowers on ‘No Love Lost 3’

Ray DeeZy put out another sequel to his No Love Lost series Friday, titled No Love Lost 3: Give Me My Flowers.