Henry Naylor’s Angel is based on a real life Middle Eastern soldier

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Rhiannon Giddens Rocks the Gaillard

Stephanie Hunt

In the same week that Dylan finally submitted his Nobel Prize lecture to the world, Rhiannon Giddens one-upped him. Friday night at the Gaillard Center, the Carolina girl (North, not South) delivered her own prize-worthy ode to the American songbook, striking all the chords, and more, that raspy-voiced Dylan talked about as he paid roundabout […]


CARTA providing free walk-up COVID tests at 2 hubs

The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority will begin offering COVID-19 testing Feb. 1 at the transit system’s hubs at 63 Mary Street in Charleston and 3376 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

The Agenda: Local GOPs come for Rice, others who backed impeachment

Local rank-and-file Republican Party voters are coming for GOP members of Congress who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, including U.S. Rep. Tom Rice, who was one of 10 members to break with the party. Source: NYT Another S.C. lawyer has joined Butch Bowers on former President Trump’s legal team ahead of his second […]

Austin food truck gets permanent spot at Palmetto Brewing

Gobble Gobble food truck will have a permanent spot at Palmetto Brewing starting in February.

Recovery Room sold the most PBR cans in the world (again) in 2020

Recovery Room Tavern sold nearly 90,000 cans of PBR in 2020.