Freeloaders: Be Kind to Your Mother … Nature

The week's best freebies, April 21-27

Earth Day is Tuesday, but the environmental awareness runs all week, whether it’s the opportunity to hear hilarious stories about Charleston or bettering your own home. Lucky for us, awareness doesn’t cost money.

Monday — Catch eclectic afro-beat band Ziggymoto at the Pour House. 

Tuesday — We all know “leaves of three, leave them be,” but for a further understanding of flora, particularly along paddling trails, join Archie Thompson at the Citadel

The Pour House is holding an Earth Day Family Jam Session

It’s not every day you get to watch an environmental alternative rocker like Dana Lyons perform, just Earth Day. 

WednesdayBill Goldstein is speaking about his work with artist Jasper Johns. The S.C.-born Johns has been featured in the Met and MoMA, but Goldstein’s left his mark as John’s master printmaker. 

East Cooper Medical Center is providing free physical breast exams performed by a general surgeon. 

Thursday — Mo’ money? No problems! The Money Fair is teaching you how to invest in your feature. 

Blast Off? at Theatre 99 is a bunch of comedians trying out new material. Go find the next Aziz. 

Bron Taylor, author of Dark Green Religion: Nature, Spirituality, and the Planetary Future, will be speaking at CofC.

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” No truer words have ever been spoken from Patches O’Houlihan. And on Thursday, you can watch Dodgeball in Marion Square for free.

Friday — Who loves Bubba Gump? Is it A) Queen Elizabeth B) Joe Biden or C) The Dalai Lama? Find out the answer and other lost Charleston factoids and tales at Andrew Smock’s Revision

Port Authority is playing at the Spring Concert Series. Luckily, Freshfields sells alcohol instead of confiscating it.

Everybody will be dancing in the moonlight at the Mt. Pleasant Pier shag dancing lessons — just in time for Shaggin’ on the Cooper. 

Saturday — The Charleston Dog Show is back! While there is a registration fee, watching pretty pooches perform is free. 

Riverfront Park plays host to the 15th annual Earth Day festival.

Sunday — The Town of Mt. Pleasant Blessing of the Fleet and Seafood Festival will have crafts, live music, and a boat parade.

An art show in a financial firm? Why not? The Graph and Graf exhibit brings together the disparate worlds of finance and art as well as graphic art and graffiti.

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