DJ Scrib featured as guest DJ on Sway in the Morning

Full mix available online

DJ Scrib was overwhelmed with excitement after being featured as a guest DJ on hip-hop and lifestyle show Sway in the Morning on Thursday.

“Before the actual show started, Sway in the Morning actually followed me and liked the picture, and then reposted my image too so I was like, 'This is crazy,'” DJ Scrib said.

Since the mix was heard on the show, the feedback he has received has been overwhelming. DJ Scrib told the City Paper that he hoped that he would receive approval from Sway, and Scrib exceeded his expectations. “DJ Scrib we see you man,” host Sway Calloway said.
[embed-1] DJ Scrib also gave recognition where he felt it was due. He gave a heads up to any featured artist on the mix that he was going to be on the show playing his version of their songs.

Childish Major, a rap artist featured on J. Cole’s Revenge of the Dreamers III project, was featured on the mix with his new song “Dem Know”. Following the show, he reached out to DJ Scrib, as well, to thank him for supporting his music and career.

When DJ Scrib heard he was going to be on the show, he used his graphic designing skills to create a post on Instagram to announce his news.

However, the image was also reposted on The Chopstars Instagram and also Sway Calloway’s Instagram story as well.
[content-1] Scrib also launched his very own website (featuring the work of Joye Nettles as the web designer) on Aug. 7 at 12 p.m.

In addition, DJ Scrib hopes to make new connections with those who have given him support on social media.

“After the launch, it’s just more networking with all these people who are constantly in my DM’s now,” explained DJ Scrib to the City Paper about his future plans.

Listen to DJ Scrib’s set on Apple Music and Spotify.

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