COVER STORY ‌ Best Of Charleston 2006

What’s better than a home visit from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE?

This edition of the Charleston City Paper’s Best Of 2006, detailing the best reasons to live right here in the Lowcountry. It’s the BEST!

That’s right, you might already be a WINNER!!!

Accountants, huddled together in an underground chamber for the past month, have TABULATED our annual BEST OF CHARLESTON Readers Survey, in which ordinary readers like you (WINNERS!!!) sent in THOUSANDS of completed survey forms available in our FANTASTIC PUBLICATION and at our (not yet) AWARD-WINNING WEBSITE.

The results are printed here in these very pages, along with a compilation of CRITICS’ PICKS from our very own AWARD-WINNING staff and freelancers.

THAT’S RIGHT. What you’ve stumbled across here is the equivalent of the apocryphal LOST BOOK OF THE BIBLE! Without this soon-to-be sacred text in your possession, you would never know that:

Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits FAME delivered the Best JOHNNY CASH imitation of the year at the Coastal Carolina Fair.

Local AUTHOR Charlie Geer brought the peninsula its Best Ironic Literary Moment when he signed copies of his book, Outbound: The Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston, for the very BLUEBLOODS he was making fun of!

Our READERS think County Council CHAIRPERSON Leon Stavrinakis is the Best Heir to Riley’s THRONE!

TIMMY FINCH remains the BEST LOCAL COMIC and DAVID MANDEL and JOHNNY ALI HEYWARD (pictured to the left) are your favorite local actors.

NIRLEP restaurant won the race for total INDIAN FOOD DOMINATION in the Lowcountry.

Geekish GAMERS of all types get into their roles at North Chuck’s GREEN DRAGON as part of the Best Geek Fest.

OSCAR’S is the Best Summerville Restaurant, and POE’S rocks Sullivan’s Island with the BEST BURGER in Charleston.

WARREN PEPER has finally ceded his reign as Best Local TV Sports Anchor to BRENDAN CLARK at Channel 2.

Mustard Seed, Peninsula Grill, Al di La, and A.C.’s Bar and Grill are JUGGERNAUTS of excellence, scoring scads of BEST OF awards from both our readers and our critics. And, finally, you should fear ALLIGATORZILLA, not BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, as Best Local Sea MONSTER.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, dear readers: the Best Of Charleston 2006. Enjoy. Because next week, we once again lock our accountants into their SUBTERRANEAN lair and get started on next year!

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