Complete Charleston Wine + Food Fest 2019 coverage

Lookin' for beets? Stay for the deets.

I’ve lived in Charleston for almost six years, but I’ve never been privy to as many Charleston Wine + Food Fest events as I’d like. Time, money — you know the deal. This year will be different. I’ll be City Paper’s boots-on-the-ground festival frontman, endeavoring to attend+eat+drink+connect today through the weekend. To do so, I, and the thousands of other foodie foot soldiers around me, will have to strike a happy balance. Walking that delicate line between enjoyment and over-indulgence, celebration and bacchanalia. Writer Stephanie Hunt outlines how to do just this — read on, and I’ll see you in the village. —Mary Scott Hardaway

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10/20 COVID-19 update: 666 cases; 13.4% positive; 25 deaths

Charleston City Paper Staff

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 666 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, with 25 additional confirmed deaths. With 4,952 tests collected, the percent-positive rate was 13.4%. As of 2:52 p.m. Oct. 20, via S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control:Confirmed cases in S.C.:  158,747 (+666)Positive tests in Charleston County (total): 16,303 (+37)Negative tests in S.C.: 1,550,991Deaths in S.C. from COVID-19: 3,475 […]


Before You Go: SC Senate debate postponed; 666 new COVID-19 cases

South Carolina health officials reported 666 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, with 25 additional confirmed deaths.

Skinful Halloween returns (at a distance) Oct. 24

Skinful Halloween will return Oct. 24 in a little different of a capacity compared to its raucous rebirth in 2019.

The Agenda: Climate change’s flesh-eating bacteria; Charleston real estate breaks records

Climate change causes more problems than just water problems. Flooding may be one of Charleston’s primary concerns with climate change, but it also is also the cause of health issues, including more infections and deaths from a flesh-eating bacteria found in brackish waters in the Carolinas. Source: The State Second day of tidal flooding. Monday […]

Before You Go: Obama boosts Harrison bid; State Fair returns as drive-thru

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 539 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, with 11 additional confirmed deaths. With 4,762 tests collected, the percent-positive rate was 11.3%. As of 5:38 p.m. Oct. 19, via S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control:Confirmed cases in S.C.:  157,970 (+539)Positive tests in Charleston County (total): 16,266 (+18)Negative tests in S.C.: 1,540,097Deaths in S.C. from COVID-19: 3,439 […]