Charleston’s rich sought shelter in the North Carolina mountains

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We need to remember and learn from the Civil War, not celebrate it

Lauren Hurlock

Sectional pressure and the unresolved issue of slavery had existed even before the construction of Fort Sumter had begun in the 1820s. A growing sense of identity to a certain section of the nation, a commitment to or defense of differing economic systems, an abhorrence or devotion to slavery, the question of expanding slavery westward, the position of state versus federal authority, the eloquent debates and fiery rhetoric expressed upon the floor of the United States Congress, the effusion of blood in Kansas, the beating of a United States senator by a South Carolina congressman, and John Brown’s failed attempt to instigate a servile insurrection escalated the tensions in the United States just as Fort Sumter was constructed, brick by brick, and slowly rose some 60 feet above Charleston Harbor.


Sarah’s Dumps announces spring, summer pop-up schedule

Sarah’s Dumps is popping up for the first time in over a year at Island Provisions on Saturday, May 22.

5/15 COVID-19 update: 325 cases; 2.9% positive; 12 deaths

What you need to know today: With across-the-board changes on the horizon for local mask rules, Charleston-area restaurants are reexamining the latest federal and state guidance on safety precautions as they consider changes inside their doors. Source: The Post and Courier Latest COVID-19 data South Carolina health officials reported 529 total cases of the coronavirus on Saturday (325 […]

SC legislative session ends with more work to do

The joke around the very busy Statehouse during the last week of its regular 2021 session was there was more action down the street at the University of South Carolina where President Bob Caslen resigned abruptly. Still, there was more than enough going on in Columbia Tuesday through Thursday as lawmakers finished up regular business […]

‘Hands Across the Sand’ will rally (virtually) for coastline protection May 15

Hands Across the Sand will hold its 12th annual event, an international day of action on which activists and beachgoers join to rally against against oil companies and offshore drilling, virtually on May 15. Participants urge local, state and federal officials to permanently protect coastlines from the harmful practice. Local, national and international conservation groups […]