Charleston Moves hosts Light the Night 5.0 on Jan. 26.

Safety first

On Fri. Jan. 26, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Hampstead Square, Charleston Moves hosts Light the Night 5.0, their bi-annual free bike light giveaway and educational campaign.  Charleston Moves volunteers will strap light sets to bikes parked in and passing through the Eastside neighborhood.

Charleston Moves, a nonprofit advocacy organization that seeks to make the streets of Charleston safe first hosted the first Light the Night in Jan. 2016 and has hosted the event twice a year since then in order to make the streets of Charleston safer for cyclists.

The Eastside Community Development Corporation (ECDC) and MUSC’s Safe Kids Charleston Area group are also involved in the event, with ECDC hosting a table with information, resources, and free snacks. MUSC will provide activities for the children, including a bike course around Hampton Square. Children’s bicycles will be available to borrow, and MUSC will donate up to 50 helmets to the kids who participate in the bike course. These helmets will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Charleston Moves will also have a safe streets art activity for the children and will give away their “Better Streets, Better Ride” spoke cards with basic legal rights and helpful tips to help empower Charlestonian cyclists.

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