Best Recording Studio

Jonathan Boncek file photo

Coast Records

Coast Records is one of the most popular studios in the area, producing singles and full albums for artists, sometimes before they’ve really broken into the scene. In recent years, producer and founder Matt Zutell has nabbed several notable wins (co-producing Stand Up!, mixing A Water Album), but he also gave sudden exposure to some newbies with a lot of potential like Veja Du and Never Better. Lately, the studio has been working with Doom Flamingo, Easy Honey, Beach Tiger and Jermaine Holmes. “I’ve got a few projects that we started before quarantine,” Zutell said about the future. “Now that things are starting to be OK to open up, I’m going to start finishing those in a way that’s safe and makes sense.” Recently, the studio moved to a bigger space, indicating Coast Records isn’t slowing down for a second. “I’ve been in Charleston for 10 years now, working with people and trying to build the studio for a while now,” he said. “At this point, it’s about making relationships with people and trying to stay relevant, and continuing to get better and grow.” —Heath Ellison

Rialto Row

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