Best Jazz Band

Quentin Baxter Trio

As a major figure in the College of Charleston’s music program, drummer Quentin Baxter serves as an effective mentor. Off campus, this cool cat is a well-respected and vital character in the local jazz community. His trio specializes in a loose, cool style of improv and interpretation — from classic swing and bebop to more contemporary styles and arrangements.

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Best Day Spa

Urban Nirvana 8 Windermere Blvd. West Ashley (843) 720-8000 636-D Long Point Road. Mt. Pleasant (843) 881-1160 141 Wentworth St. Downtown (843) 724-6555 Nirvana’s a tough thing to find. But Urban Nirvana, heck man, it’s in Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, and downtown. Getting there’s easy, and once you get to the day spa, you’ll […]


9/26 COVID-19 update: 613 new cases; 25 deaths; 11 percent positive

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 613 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, with 25 additional confirmed deaths. With 5,592 tests collected, the percent-positive rate was 11 percent. As of 6 p.m. Sept. 26, via S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control:Confirmed cases in S.C.:  141,338 (+613 new cases since Friday)Percent Positive: 11% (down from 11.1%) Positive tests […]

LayWills levels up on new EP ‘Upper Class’

Lowcountry rapper LayWills’ sophomore album, Upper Class, is all about the next step up. Taking the formula she laid down in her debut EP PreSchool, LayWills upped the ante on the feel-good party vibe without losing the soul of that last album.

Challengers hope to shift Senate power, Charleston-area seats in play

As Democrats seek to flip four Senate seats in the Lowcountry in the Nov. 3 election, Republicans are looking to wrest five Democratic seats in reddening rural districts in the Upstate and Midlands. Of the Senate’s 46 seats, 27 currently are held by Republicans and 19 are held by Democrats. There are 32 seats facing […]

Gale Restaurant gets a second chance at a grand opening post-pandemic

Gale Restaurant is now open for indoor and outdoor dining on Meeting St.