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1/16 COVID-19 update: 4,671 cases; 16.5% positive; 93 deaths

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 4,671 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, with 64 additional confirmed deaths. State officials say Saturday’s update includes all reported cases after the state resolved an internal issue that caused some data to be partially reported earlier this week. With 20,694 tests reported Saturday, 22.6% were positive. As of 3:16 p.m. Jan. 16, […]

Charleston Democratic Party HQ vandalized ahead of Biden inauguration

Charleston Democratic Party leaders say they found their office vandalized Saturday morning, days before President-elect Joe Biden is set to be sworn in and as law enforcement officials nationwide urge continued vigilance over more politically motivated violence following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. “Some unknown person poured some type of putty over […]

Two Charleston fitness instructors launch Juiceheads

Juiceheads canned juice is available in two different flavors at The Works.

Brack: Mind-numbing, time-wasting abortion debate on the table again

Here we go again. South Carolina is wading into a divisive abortion debate before anything else happens in the state Senate to appease the GOP’s conservative base. It’s a futile effort that’s ultimately unconstitutional and a huge waste of time and money. But these legislator knuckleheads don’t really care. They want to ram it through […]