Amsterdam artist Kat Klerks now on display at George Gallery

Kat Klerks’ work emphasizes a modern European aesthetic

The George Gallery now represents Amsterdam-based abstract expressionist artist Kat Klerks. Gallery owner Anne Siegfried discovered Klerks’ work during a January trip to Paris.

“As soon as I laid eyes on Klerks’ paintings I knew immediately that my clients would fall fast and hard for them,” said Siegfried.

The George Gallery represents contemporary American artists and is expanding its reach to include a modern European painter. George Gallery will be the first gallery in the United States to represent Klerks.

Klerks, who works in the realms of abstract expressionism and Fauvism, has her paintings displayed in boutique hotels in St. Tropez, Cannes and Antwerp. And now you can find her pieces on Broad Street.

The George Gallery (54 Broad St.) is open Tuesdays-Saturdays, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. and by appointment. Guests are asked to wear masks and maintain social distance inside of the gallery. Learn more at

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