5 most ridogulous places in Charleston

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C&P Guide to Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2018

City Paper Editorial Staff

I’ve been reading Garden & Gun since the magazine launched in 2007. Most of our editorial staff has too. We love it and we love to hate it. The aspirational South G&G portrays is at once mesmerizing and maddening. Stories about finding new ways to use your heirloom silver, or how to “grab a frog like a Cajun” sometimes leave us wondering who on earth is living this life?


Brittain: SC House needs to slow down on Santee Cooper

As a major commercial customer of Santee Cooper, I know rates for the hotels and resorts we manage are low and that the reliability of utility service to our properties is high. I am worried about a potential change in ownership of Santee Cooper, and I have big concerns about the “sell Santee Cooper” debate […]

SC tallies another 3,400 cases Saturday

COVID-19 cases continue to add up in South Carolina, with another 3,435 cases reported by state health officials on Saturday. Sixty-three deaths were also reported, bringing the cumulative total to 5,855 deceased statewide since the beginning of the pandemic. Among 14,494 total cases reported, the new count represents a 23.7% positive rate. The state remains […]

1/23 COVID-19 update: 3,435 cases; 23.7% positive; 63 deaths

COVID-19 updates: South Carolina health officials reported 3,435 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, with 63 additional confirmed deaths. With 14,494 tests reported Saturday, 23.7% were positive. As of 4:20 p.m. Jan. 23, via S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control: Confirmed cases in S.C.: 373,399 (+3,435)Total positive cases in Charleston County: 30,633 (+177)Total positive cases in Berkeley County: 11,824 (+79)Total […]

Grant offered to groups collecting LGBTQ and BIPOC narratives

Applications for the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelly Foundation’s Broadening Narratives grant will be available Feb. 1-Mar. 26 online.