5/19 COVID-19 update: 181 cases; 4.5% positive; 10 deaths

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SC officials urge vaccinated to wear masks in some settings, following CDC

Sam Spence

Time to get the masks back out. South Carolina health officials, following newly updated federal guidance, are now urging vaccinated people in the state to wear masks indoors and in public settings in areas with substantial and high transmission, like South Carolina. Unvaccinated people are still urged to continue mask-wearing. The announcement from the state […]


Wednesday headlines: SC schools can’t mandate updated CDC guidance

Federal guidance recommends required indoor mask use at schools nationwide, but South Carolina education officials are hamstrung from being able to implement a mandate due to a legislative budget proviso that prohibits school districts from requiring students and employees from wearing masks in public education facilities. Gov. Henry McMaster said “that decision is now left […]

What’s driving 10 years of growth for Charleston’s craft beer industry?

Hopped Up Charleston’s craft beer industry continues to grow, with breweries consistently opening, and old standbys like Palmetto and Holy City Brewing expanding operations. In fact, the industry that accounts for $905 million in economic impact is affecting all levels of the state’s three-tier system, as breweries, distributors and retail shops small and large try […]

Island Coastal Lager bridging the gap between craft and conglomerate

Island Coastal Lager co-founders Scott Hansen and Brandon Perry aren’t running a craft brewery, but they are looking to take a piece of the $116 billion domestic beer market from national conglomerates like Anheuser-Busch and Pabst Brewing Co. Headquartered in downtown Charleston with a production facility in Tampa Bay, the five-year-old brand was created to […]

Understanding the tropical fruit native to South Carolina

A 2-to-6-inch tropical fruit that’s native to South Carolina generally ripens in early August, but it rarely appears on Charleston restaurant menus, or at local Harris Teeters this time of year. But that doesn’t mean the pawpaw fruit — which loosely resembles a mango with its green exterior — isn’t a prized possession for folks […]