1st Place sports bar planned for upper King Street this Spring

A luxury sports bar


With a name like 1st Place it's got to be … well, we can hope! From Republic DMG (the folks behind Republic, Bourbon N Bubbles, and Mesu), comes a "premium sports pub," slated to open at 570 King St. this March.

According to a press release, 1st Place will feature live music, "elevated pub fare," and local beers and cocktails. Calling itself a luxury sports bar, the spot will have access to Bourbon N Bubbles' extensive whiskey and Champagne collections.

Operations director Zach Dennis says, "Sunday football is certainly made better by a bonded bourbon and a local pint." Perhaps that will be paired with the bar and restaurant's "more composed plates," like skillets and dishes with local seafood.

1st Place will open at 11 a.m. daily, and stay open until late night.

Does Charleston need a luxury sports bar? We're not sure. But if 1st Place's renderings are any indications, the exposed-brick walls, moody under lighting, and velvet booths will be endlessly 'grammable.

Follow along with the sports bar's timeline on their Facebook and Instagram. [location-1]

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