Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need help Googling "ebay concert tickets"

Posted on Thursday, January 13

Just questioning if eBay allows you to sell concert tickets on the net? Do you know if there are any restrictions based on what country you're in?
My parents have just referred to as me and asked if i could "get rid" of their two tickets to some concert as they wont have the ability to make it due to yet another family event.
Besides asking friends etc, i thought ebay would be an excellent location to sell them.
But whats ebay's policy on offering tickets? Ive heard alot about it around the news but ive forgotten what happened.
and if it matters, the concert is inside this coming month
Thanks ahead of time for your advice.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bay bound transplant thinks Charleston ain't so bad

Posted on Tuesday, December 28

Dear Charleston,
I have to be honest, because before I moved here from San Francisco, I thought that you would just be a redneck town without anything to do. I thought I would hate my time here.
That being said, I couldnt have been more wrong. Within weeks of arriving, I was in love with Folly Beach, Downtown, Middleton Place... The list goes on and on.
I will be moving back to SF shortly, and I will miss my adopted home so much!
Thank you for exceeding every single expection I had. I cannot wait to return.

-Charleston Lover

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa spotted in SUV

Posted on Thursday, December 23

To the white bearded man in the red SUV with the license tag frame reading "My other car is a sleigh": WE LOVE YOU SANTA!

Hairy or shaved, you're still a heater beater

Posted on Thursday, December 23

To the greeter by Wachovia Bank Bldg,
You shaved your beard recently and great either way.
PS. You don't need that heater to keep you warm.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Torso twisting teacher heals head

Posted on Friday, December 10

dear yoga teacher,
thank you for the amazing class last night that brought me back to center and gave me the perspective i needed for the stuff going on in my life. we are all humans just going through life doing the best we can. atah!

-thanks for putting my head back on straight

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friendly barista is new bean buddy

Posted on Wednesday, December 8

hey barista. thanks for the coffee.
you may think it's a small, insignificant gesture but given my life @ the moment, it's the nicest, kindest thing anyone has done for me lately...

-coffee friend

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burnt bridge walker is now blind

Posted on Thursday, November 11

I know better then to tell you I miss you.
The exceptionally fine line between love and hate is where I find myself. Trying desperately to hate but still loving so much. The look of love I saw in your eye still haunts me even after all this time and I find myself wishing my love was enough to have made you stay. Bridges burned in dramatic fashion only you can walk so well.
No one understands why I think you are worth it and I don't understand why my heart says you are.
Continually blinded by you

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Handy biker helps with hapless flatty

Posted on Wednesday, October 13

To the man with the Peachtree bike shirt, thank you for helping a hapless biker whose valve broke and tire blew out on the Patriot's Point side of the Ravenel Bridge. Thank you so much for helping fix the bike. Thank you as well to those who stopped and asked if they could help. We still had to walk back over the bridge, but it made it easier knowing good people took time out of their work out to help.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'd like a tall babe-accino, please

Posted on Friday, September 3

To the blonde girl I saw in starbucks earlier,
You are beautiful.
I have been kicking myself for not saying hello earlier even though you caught me glancing once or twice.
Next time Im downtown Ill make sure my balls are attached.

-guy in the blue shirt

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bar bouncer made me feel babelicious

Posted on Tuesday, August 24

To the bouncer at the Crowded bar on Upper King Street last Saturday Night,
I was kind of having a bad night, dealing with over drunk friends, exhaustion and the same-old tired scene when I arrived at your bar. You checked my ID and told me I had a familiar face. When I said that I didn't know why I would, you told me I had a pretty face anyway. It wasn't said in a creepy way, and your small gesture made me smile the rest of the night! Thanks!

-Woman of the Night

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lunar cycle lady fun is not enough

Posted on Sunday, August 15

Been married a long time. I still feel like eighteen but the wife doesn't need it very much anymore....about once a month. I am in shape and work hard to stay that way. She will not talk about it at all. She has not given me head in fifteen years while I will go down on her anytime. What should I do?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunset gawker seeks stir-fried man meat

Posted on Thursday, August 5

Hey fellas, the ones that were riding your bikes in Wagener Terrace on Wednesday evening with no shirts on, chiseled muscles glistening in the setting sun. I was tempted to invite you into my house for some Chinese food and a threesome. Next time you ride by, stop by and say hello. It's rare to see such sexy, athletic man meat in Charleston. Me likey.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Lacking lover wants more licky diddle

Posted on Monday, July 26

I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months....I've had talks with and mentioned to him that I need more sexually....he has gotten a little better, but still hardly anything on the question is.....with it better to have a sit down talk with him? I've never had this problem before and don't know how to address it....I've told him things that I need and want and he says ok, but still doesn't do them.

Secret lady moves magic trash

Posted on Monday, July 26

Dear Little Old Lady That Lives Across the Street,
I have only seen you come out of your house once in the year that I've lived at my current house which leads me to believe that you're a bit of a shut in. That fact makes this next statement that much weirder: why does your mini trash can miraculously appear in front of our house every Sunday night? We're really not angry about it, honest. We are just completely mystified as to how it gets there. Also, you live on a main street downtown where the trash always gets picked up promptly on Monday morning so why do you put your tiny city-distributed can right next to ours? Our house is about 50 feet away from the front of your house. It seems kind of weird that you'd take the extra time to drag your can all the way across the street just so it can have company while waiting for the garbage truck overnight. What's really strange is that we have literally NEVER caught you doing it. It just magically appears there every Sunday. Are you secretly David Blaine? If so, I have SO many questions.
Seriously, I can't stress enough how NOT angry we are about it. Honestly, we're kind of impressed. I wonder if the people that move into our house when we're gone will notice the wonder and glory that is "mini-can lady". Keep the magic alive!

-Mystified Neighbors

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sexagenarian cyclist loves JI driver gems

Posted on Friday, July 23

Thanks to all those drivers who courteously, every day, make my bike ride to work a pleasant, fear-free experience. You wait for me at stop signs, stay a respectable distance from me so I don't get scared and weave into your path. You sometimes wave and smile at this 60 yr old lady cycling down the road. If you get frustrated with my slow going around those blind curves, you don't show it. You slow behind me and wait until the curve has been ridden safely. I don't take kindly to horns blowing telling me to ride even closer to the right (and closer to the ditch!), so you can get by, and thankfully, so very few of you do that.
So, thank you James Island drivers! You are gems and I cycle with a lot less terrified grip on my handlebars because of you. I am getting braver and choose more challenging destinations because of you! Thank you for sharing the road!


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Posted on Thursday, February 3

What is up with the NAACP bullshit stunt of covering up a statue of George Washington at the MLK event in Columbia??
And this organization is the first to scream "RACIST" at the drop of a hat. They need to heck themselves. Pathetic!
Just as bad as the KKK.

Whoopsie oops splatter pup is a rock boxer

Posted on Thursday, February 3


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wet zipper sends no signal

Posted on Tuesday, January 18

There's nothing worse than someone zipping in and out of traffic going 20 miles over the speed limit. Oh wait, what if they aren't even using a signal and it's raining? Learn to use your signals at the very least because you're coming off as kind of a douche.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't be surprised by hometown holey zone

Posted on Sunday, January 9

People who move to Charleston and then complain about the lack of southern hospitality and "rude southerners". What, you thought this was an asshole free zone? Here's a news flash: there are assholes everywhere. Ev. Ree. Where. Deal with it. Or leave. There will be assholes at your next stop too.

-blunted on reality

Hair-raising counter clash at downtown chop shop

Posted on Sunday, January 9

I feel sorry for you, having grown up in the south and having no manners. Why you choose to be rude to your customers is beyond me. You might consider taking a class on how to be an adult in a big girl world. The way you talked over me, tried to belittle me in front of your staff and hid behind the counter while doing all of this was very frustrating at the time. Upon further consideration it makes me very sad for you. In this economic climate I dont advise hiring people that screw up hair and arent trained enough to do color. Also overcharging people is not recommended. You will see soon because your establishment is downtown and the rent cant be cheap. So the next time youre rude, childish, accusing people of lying, not listening, threatening customers, and talking over people think about the future and you may be living in that Toyota Sequioa that's as big as your house.
PS For those people that were under the impression that a concept salon meant quality and a certain amount of training... think again.

-shocked and appalled

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bank beau saves the day after card crime

Posted on Friday, December 31

Dear prick who somehow mysteriously got my check card number,
I don't shop online and the ONLY place I used my card in the past two days was a you pulled this off is beyond me but
I hate you and I hope you rot.....karmas a bigggg bbbbitch!! On a happier note I love Shane with the sexy southern drawl from Bank of America who informed me ill have my money back in my account on Monday!! So this has left me frustrated yet satisfied!!!

-frustrated yet satisfied

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Redneck finger flipper frightens newbie merger

Posted on Thursday, December 23

To the redneck in the black pickup truck merging onto hwy 78 at the I26 205A exit: I'm sorry my daughter didn't move over to let you merge. She IS still learning to drive. It was dark and she has to look longer and harder to determine when it's OK to change lanes, so she didn't get out of your way in time to allow you to avoid slowing down. We regret that this was such a major inconvenience for you, but was it really necessary to roar past us, turn around in your seat, and hang out your window to flip us off? I wish you could have seen your face.
You weren't born learning how to drive were you? Did the person who taught you to drive also teach you that road rage is an acceptable response if others' driving doesn't suit you?
Maybe one day you will be teaching your child to drive and you will see this happen. Maybe one day when you are older and you don't drive as well as you once did, you will inconvenience someone as we did.
Maybe you will read this and think about having more patience and better manners when you drive.

-Learner Permit's Mom

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas thief brings unhappy holidays

Posted on Wednesday, December 8

To the douche bag that busted my wife's car window and stole our personal belongings, I hope that you rot in hell you piece of shit. It's a pain in the ass canceling the cards, calling the insurance company and waiting forty minutes for Charleston's finest to show up. Keep the money, keep the phone, purse etc... it would have been nice to have the pictures of my daughter you stole you miserable fuck stick. A shitty end to an otherwise shitty Christmas parade. HO HO HO!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cookies and cake keep america safe?

Posted on Tuesday, November 16

I love how the media and bloggers keep speaking about "federal money", as if the gov't has a money tree in DC that this money comes from. As if the gov't employees have a bake sale every week and that's where the money comes from. Why not just call it what it is: American citizen's money. Maybe people would be a bit more inclined to not want it when they realize that they will be paying more for everything to keep this "federal money" coming in. Just a thought...


Chemical warfare and sonic assault disturb foodie's fun

Posted on Tuesday, November 16

I really HATED the lady who sat in front of me at Anthony Bourdain, who felt the need to douse herself with a bucket of shitty Avon perfume before she left the trailer park on Friday. I realize a lot of people don't get out much...and that to some, paying $5 to park your car is the equivilent to spending the weekend at The Sanctuary...but seriously, do you have to wear sequins, open-toed stilettos, that nasty-ass perfume & sit there, laughing at inappropriate moments, talking to your enormous husband during the show and sending text messages to your BFF while you give me the biggest headache I can recall in recent memory? I don't think so. I really don't.

-h. foodie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lacrazy ladies do not larock

Posted on Thursday, November 11

Dear Crazy Girlfriends: why can't you accept IT IS OVER!? It's bad enough you drive by the house, moved into the neighborhood, drop by's been almost Three years. You have a matching tattoo with someone else! You give women a bad name...and it's just pathetic. Go spread your lacrap & lacrazy somewhere, anywhere, else! You Do Not larock. Move on. We have.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Government glutton cooks up fresh crab fakes

Posted on Thursday, October 28

Oh you shameless glutton you, purchasing $150 worth of fresh crab legs and paying for it with your Food Stamps card. I pay my taxes and use the meager left-overs of my earnings to buy Top Ramen. My only question to you is this: did you still have enough money on that card to buy enough butter in which to dip that crab?

-Tired of hamburger

Monday, October 18, 2010

Penitent pumpkin pushers perpetuate pagans

Posted on Monday, October 18

It's probably just me, but is anyone else just a little amused that in this proudly religiously conservative area (gay clergy? Hell we don't want them teaching or anywhere within 100 yards of us because it might be contagious!). Sorry for the digression - but have any of y'all been amused that churches around here are trying to make a buck selling pumpkins to perpetuate a blatantly anti-Christian Pagan holiday?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flag fan is no hippie Nextel talker

Posted on Wednesday, October 13

Think on this.... If you moved into a (non HOA) neighborhood that was full of USC Gamecock fans, and you proudly hung your Clemson flag and painted your shutters Clemson orange, would you think it was fair for your neighbors to demand the town make you take down your Clemson flag and repaint the shutters because Clemson orange offends them? Would you think it would be allowable for your Pentacostal next door neighbor to demand the town make you remove your Halloween jack-o-lantern & scarecrow off your porch b/c this neighbor considered your decorations 'satanic worship'? Or, would it be right for your Jewish neighbor across the street to petition the town to make you dismantle the Christmas nativity scene in your front yard because they 'find it offensive'? No?? Then why do these people think they can ask the town to make that lady take down her Confederate flag? Because it "offends" them? Well, if THAT were the case, then there would be no loud Nextel talkers, no bad drivers, no snooty people, and no lazy people in the world b/c THAT'S what 'offends' ME. Seriously people, IGNORE her flag. Does ANYBODY want someone else telling them what they can and cant do in or on their .12 acres—especially if it is not physically harming people? No. Dont people realize that it's human nature to be wonder this lady is saying she's making Confederate flag curtains next...she has 'dug in' against this criticism!! Just imagine the possibilites and what we could accomplish if we refocused all this wasted energy into local issues like employment, homelessness, poverty & education, instead of some flag hanging on someone's house? And before it gets said.... I'm not a hippy and I dont spout peace, love, and joy, but how about trying just a little tolerance for the rights of others to do, say, wear, and to read what they like—as long as it isnt breaking the law...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New mayor needs more ink inches

Posted on Thursday, September 16

I serious don't like it when the Fourth Estate does a hatchet job on a politician and then simply lets another slide into office who may or may not be as bad if not worst. The issue here is the Town of James Island and the criticism heaped on former Mayor Mary Clark. Now General Mayor Woolsey is at the helm and he is suddenly a media darling who can do no wrong.
But since he took office this publication has printed little about the job he is doing or why his wife is disappointed with his accomplishments. Is he really capable of managing a municipality or even staffing one? Is he doing everything that needs to be done to investigate the disposition of public funds that he is now responsible for?
No, the media will sit back and wait until a full blown crisis arises before doing anything in the way of investigative reporting. Remember former economics professor Al Parish? The press just loved him until his investment scheme fell apart.
Well while Woolsey is also an economics professor, he is no al Parish. Still he deserves as much scrutiny as Clark, if for a different reason. Did he lie during his campaign relative to the amount he would seek as Mayor? Is he doing everything that can and should be done in managing the town and investigating questional expenditures? Is he "double-dipping" and doing town business while being paid by the college where he seems to be known as Easy A Woolsey?
We have no way of knowing unless we read it in the newspaper, because then we know it is the truth.

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