How to keep from falling into the pit of debt

Agressive marketing by credit card companies

How to keep from falling into the pit of debt What college student turns down a free dinner? Last fall, current rising College of Charleston senior John Ohrenberger walked by the Pita Pit on King Street and noticed a sign advertising a free meal for students who signed up for a Citibank Visa card.

Budget or Bust

Handling your finances after leaving the nest

In college, students sometimes find out the hard way what it means to be responsible. For the first time, Mom and Dad aren't there making sure you're doing your homework and attending classes, and it's up to you to decide whether to go to the beach or work on a research project.

Stretching a Buck

Financial tips for the college student

There's nothing worse than being broke, especially in an expensive city like Charleston. You don't want to miss out on the fun because rent's due next week, so here are some ways to stretch your buck and keep you out on the town.

Chucktown on the Cheap

College kid`s guide to getting cultured

Life as a pauper can be hard in Charleston. Just take a walk down King Street with its high-dollar boutiques and restaurants, and you might start to feel like a kid with your grubby hands pressed up to the windows, not allowed in because you might break something.

Cheap drinks

An expert weighs in on bottom-shelf booze

When it comes to wine, Ian Johnson, wine director of the Trusted Palate on King Street, is no freshman. Johnson has been in the Masters of Wine program for four years, and is one of only four Masters of Wine candidates in the Southeast.

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Charleston's outer neighborhoods

A students guide to what's where in greater Charleston

West Ashley Avondale

Charleston's downtown neighborhoods

A student's guide to what's where in downtown Charleston

Radcliffeborough/Elliottborough/Cannonborough North of Calhoun and west of King Street, south of the Crosstown Miles to Campus: one or less Average Room Rent: $600 In these neighborhoods, you'll get a yard for flip cup tournaments and maybe even a driveway for roughly the same rent you'd pay in Harleston Village, give or take a few Benjamins.


The best way to navigate downtown parking? Ride a bike.

Freshmen may only be realizing this, but parking downtown in this city sucks. Don't do it.

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Strum Your Way Through College

Why not become a semi-professional local star?

"So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star Then listen now to what I say

Big Gig

Local Venues might book you

Got the musical gear (check). Got the cool threads (check).

Don't Strum!

You can bank your hard-earned money on failure

When rock stars — real, bona fide rock stars — get interviewed, they never mention playing air guitar in Mom's den. They never mention the Behind The Music narrators in their skulls that glorify them even as some kid puts duct tape in their hair during a lull in 9th-grade drama class.

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How to avoid rental hell in a landlord's market

Stacey Campbell* was apprehensive from the start. Her landlord refused to give her a lease, saying she didn't need one because she was living month-to-month.

Close Quarters

College roommates can be your best friend or worst enemy

For at least the first year of college, most students share living space (i.e. a painfully small dorm room) with another person, often someone they've never met before. Universities sometimes use personality tests to pair people up, but it's not uncommon for the devout Jesus freak to get roomed with a beer-bonging frat boy.

Furry Friends

Are you really ready for a pet?

Here you are, a young adult in college, out on your own in a new city for the first time. Some students celebrate their newfound independence by adopting a pet.

Love Thy Neighbors

10 Ways to Make it Work

Remember when you were home blasting your stereo and Mom banged on the door for you to turn that racket down? In the world of off-campus housing, that lady across the street won't waste the energy to come up and bang on the door — she'll reach for her phone and call the cops.

Into the Great Wide Open

Be prepared for the post-graduation reality check

It's true. If it's not the most fun you'll ever have, your college years will at least rank right up there.

College Student Guide

College Student Guide

Welcome to College! Whether you’re here in a new city for your freshman year or reuniting with friends after summer adventures, your next few weeks should be one hell of a party (sorry, cadets).

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