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Re: “As conflicts flare up in Middle East, McMaster says "No one more deserving" than Trump of Nobel Peace Prize

One aspect that comes to mind involving the Iran nuclear deal is that it is good for American businesses that set up shop in our backyard like Boeing is it not? Our corporations stock price increased dramatically when that was announced.

I wish that Boeing ect would get more research funding through NASA to explore space anomolies like the "John Glenn firefly" phenomenon for a change instead of contributing research to corporations about the payload of missiles and packaged goods...these factory production methods for materials like plastic that become bombs ect>
Our government needs to invigorate this space curiosity in americans, but it cannot due to most people thinking it is a waste of TAXPAYER MONEY. Especially now since people seem to have lost interest in watching cape canavrel rocket launches)...

I wonder myself from this Nasa footage if the little sparks that seem to have directional coordination of their own (that are frequently captured and observed by nasa astronauts WITH footage) are unrealized forms of life?

Boeing ect needs more CUSTOMERS interested in SPACE BIOLOGY discovery and NOT WAR for a change... including our government.

Why has the Nasa leadership not created more public interest in NONFLYING SAUCER space life? They have countless accounts of space anomoly observances that are swept under the rug HIDDEN FROM THE IMAGINATION.
What are they trying to look professional over at NASA playing politics instead of actually being open minded scientists? Our collective society is so stupid. UFO observances of these "john glenn firefly" occurances were actually LOOKED DOWN UPON if you were a pilot and reported them. They would say you were unfit to fly. Still these pilots took plenty of pictures, and the energy from these "sparks" were observable on radar screens.

They called them "foo fighters" during the wars (fighters made of nothing) when witnessed from the ground although the imagination stretched after ww2 to where we called them UFO's.. to the point where the Nasa community jokes and calls them "fireflies" like they are good luck to see or that they are ALIVE) can sparks themselves that have their own directional volition that also seem to interact and play with our instrumentation be considered LIFE FORMS? The idea is so crazy that it has taken society this long from John Glenns first orbit into space to even start realizing that all life doesn't necessarily fit our paradigm of life. These stars are in every religion, and I think it is funny that something joked about by astronauts as a "space dolphin" is not publicized..

Unfortunately for us corporations like Boeing don't get too many customers wanting to pay them billions of dollars to discover new life. Usually their corporations are more focused on providing an organized method of providing food, shelter, and electricity with a new technology. However, when all else fails and the light bill needs paid pay load missiles blueprints get sold instead of real SOUL DISCOVERING space research on ASTROBIOLOGY.

Aside from that....
I lost faith in the Nobel Peace prize long ago when they gave Obama the award while he allowed the continuation of drone raid operations that were killing children in Pakistan at the time.

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Posted by zee on May 15, 2018 at 7:08 PM

Re: “Two weeks after he called slavery "a choice," Kanye shows up in Charleston wearing a "consciousness" sweatshirt

I want Kanye to Rap on my new Cosnciousness album that me and Twin Hype have been working on.


I have doubts about all the rich and famous, but Kanye is a good musician. It would be awesome if he came back to Charleston again..

On the same subject of music...
Twin Hype is up in NY at the moment working on a record AND a DOCUMENTARY about their lives right now...They were just on Method Man's Twitter freestyling not to long ago, and we got ALOT of traffic on this video briefly.

These videos are just rough draft ideas of later more professionally produced versions. Still we love just making the music and writing!

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Posted by zee on May 15, 2018 at 3:47 PM

Re: “More than 97 percent of Charleston Metro homes for sale are unaffordable for restaurant workers, study finds

Ok so we want to breed a bunch of unskilled laborers who choose not to further their education or SKILL SET (due to laziness) by giving them homes? Not in this country. You got to pay to play. Also you will pay through your teeth for the education, and you WILL be milked for production 50 hours a week afterwords... It is called reality. Don't get mad at me...they had me fooled working like an eight dollar an hour servant while trying to go to school for years as well long ago...

I would rather INSULT a young person who is willing to pay 100,000 dollars for a culinary education by telling them the truth (that they are making a HORRIBLE investment in their career...AN INVESTMENT THAT WILL NEVER PAN OUT unless they get on tv). Tell them the truth. Most people are like "WOW! good for you! Johnson and Wales culinary school!", because they don't give a shit about these kids or what they are WASTING their money on.

If you want to work in a kitchen for the rest of your life my only advice would be don't spend more than 10,000 total for your education in the field beforehand.
98% of what qualifies you to work in a kitchen in reality is just having CHEF pants and a knife set. If you disagree your probably one of those ASSHOLE egotistical chefs who is a DICK TO ALL OF THEIR KITCHEN STAFF. Who would want to work in this field for some asshole alcoholic LOSERS that call themselves chefs and scream like gordon ramsey? These chefs enjoy making everyone in the restaurant miserable because this is the job they chose for themselves??? Well making nine dollars an hour really doesn't help their hangovers!

Also go work in a kitchen professionally at least a year to see if you REALLY WANT TO PAY 100,000 dollars for a three year degree in HOME ECONOMICS. START A NEW CAREER.

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Posted by zee on May 13, 2018 at 10:26 AM

Re: “More than 97 percent of Charleston Metro homes for sale are unaffordable for restaurant workers, study finds

Im just glad that these people are still able to hold down jobs despite their alcohol addictions... lol jk

Why don't we just start telling the truth and expressing what our society is REALLY SAYING by starting to call these people our "unskilled labor force" instead of our "food and beverage" employees? Working on your feet all day for 12 dollars an hour is OBVIOUSLY something they do because THEY HAVE TO. Even if they may love it.

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Posted by zee on May 13, 2018 at 2:08 AM

Re: “A look at the most recent GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, and NYTimes stories on Charleston

The new york times is garbage! Stop reading it and it will go away! that is what I figured out and it is starting to work since the NY times is a FAILING BUSINESS, and NOT A NEWS SOURCe.

Graffiti in a bath room wall will give you better understanding of what is going on in your world than the articles in NY times (even if the NY times helps you poop!)

Obviously they live on another world over there at NY TIMES calling Saudi Arabian dictators causing genocide in YEMEN true progressives(the friedman article!)
Anything NY times says is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

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Posted by zee on May 13, 2018 at 1:19 AM

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