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Re: “Continuing to reframe the narrative of sexual power in light of One Broad restaurant owner exposing himself

Alcohol is one of the worst drugs in the world. I would recommend staying professional in the future, and not mixing alcohol in to your events as a sales tactic. It doesnt excuse this guys drunk behavior, but this kind of crap happens from both sexes when too much alcohol is mixed into the picture.

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Posted by zee on November 2, 2018 at 7:49 AM

Re: “Mark Sanford isn't endorsing, but he pretty much called Katie Arrington a liar

Nuclear seems crazy to me. Too much waste they bury in barrels that are supposed to hold for 100,000 years. Since when can humans build anything that lasts 100,000 years with no maintenance? Who is to say that the people of earth in 300 years will still have the technology to fix it if it starts to leak? The only people I have ever met that have been for nuclear energy as opposed to SOLAR in sc have been the families of the owners of Dupont and Dow Chemical ect. Big chemical production companies love nuclear because it provides the most cheap energy for their very expensive manufacturing production lines. They like Nuclear because it is good for them, and good for production in the short term. There is no wisdom in this until they can create nuclear power without creating hundreds of thousands of barrels of nuclear waste. Plus earthquakes ect... HOW ARROGANT these people are that think they can predict earthquakes 100 years from now in order to find places to bury toxic waste that doesnt normalize for almost half a million years. Stored in a tin can in the soil where the water supply is!

These industrialists and commuunity leaders will have their grandkids find out first hand what can go wrong with their short sightedness in going nuclear. Environmentalists my ASS. We need passive energy sources like solar power, ocean power, and maybe even some wind/water power.
Nuclear energy should only be used in war. If we need energy bad enough to use it it is because we are fighting wars. Nuclear is the devils fire, AND unlike Prometheus these humans lack wisdom even if they can do a few magic tricks with science (they cannot answer the problem of nuclear waste).

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Posted by zee on November 2, 2018 at 7:19 AM

Re: “Mark Sanford isn't endorsing, but he pretty much called Katie Arrington a liar

Thank God the owners of sceng had some damn sense, and stopped this crap from going on last minute. I had to pay an extra 25 dollars a month for a bit I was unaware of I guess, but it was better than more behind the scenes nuclear leaks that get covered up and cause cancer. At least the owners of sceng chose to stick it to my wallet, and not irradiate me to my death bed in secret.

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Posted by zee on November 1, 2018 at 8:13 PM

Re: “Mark Sanford isn't endorsing, but he pretty much called Katie Arrington a liar

Well I remember that there was a nuclear reactor leak in Seneca sc that I personally confirmed with their employees. I talked with their onsite employees as it was happening while working at Verizon wireless as a specialist.
It was ironic because I first learned about it on http://Rt.com and not our local television news at all. The fact that the local news acted like it wasn't happening at all is what is really alarming to me.
What happens during a nuclear explosion? Are they gonna say russians invaded? Lol Nobody even realized we were having a leak similar to what was going on in Fukushima before the nuclear plant in seneca finally got the leak under control.
That is scary enough for me. Charleston is nuclear fallout range from Seneca sc. That nuclear shit is going on wrong behind the scenes. It's scary that things are happening like leaks, but it's just another day in the lowcountry on local news! They dont even make you get under your desks anymore! They act like nothing is happening! I guess the journalists that would report on this would end up fired or dead or both. Mr. Burns exists but he isn't a cartoon character anymore!
Isn't Seneca where all that tobacco is grown? No wonder cigarettes cause lung cancer!
I thin that is highly irresponsible seeing how I am from "chemical valley" in west virginia where we did "shelter in place" in our school, because of occasional chemical leaks from Dupont or union carbide ect. We used to tape up windows and doors with sheets of plastic during fluoride leaks. They didnt tell anyone to do anything here while a nuclear site was leaking radiation an hour and a half from them .

They just dont announce it because they dont want sc residents to sue them for getting cancer! That's what happened in west virginia, but at least it makes these companies more responsible.

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Posted by zee on November 1, 2018 at 7:41 PM

Re: “After synagogue killings, Nikki Haley says to stop blaming Trump, who said crowd shouting "Jews will not replace us" was full of "very fine people"

The Democrats won't do that Sens because the Democrats love stabbing people In the back. They creep in behind you, and distract you with one hand and stab you in the back with the other.

They promote hawk like war plans with Hollywood television shows and mass brainwashing appeal. They put a "Jewish" face on state media, so they have a fall guy when shit goes wrong. The United states is becoming more racist towards Jews because they are being told Jews are more rich and successful on TV, and CNN says they are always the "trusted" government official from NY or Israel telling us their opinions. Why is every pundit pro Israeli war on tv? That Moran sketch sacha baron Cohen did shows how they characterize people from Israel on TV after 9/11, and it destroys independent thought from the Jewish people as a collective. It encourages herding mentality like after 9/11.
They turn Jews into characatures, and make a mockery of the people who go by spirituality as religious Jews. Judaism on TV and in movies is being promoted as hollywood shows displaying them as a voracious over sexualized drug culture.. Just to alienate people trying to live right from them who believe what they watch on tv has a bias somewhat.
Look how Obama created roaming isis death squads in Syria using air support and remote control planes! Thank God they at least dropped them some weapons off to defend themselves right? How is that good for Israel? How does that correlate with making an even better Israel someday with peace and love? How do these two correlate?

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Posted by zee on November 1, 2018 at 1:36 PM

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