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Re: “War vs. Conservatism

Matt. I'm don't consider myself a conservative, but I'll take a crack at explaining it from a libertarian perspective.

What you are describing is not the free market, where there is a voluntary exchange that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Rather, what you are describing is the political marketplace, where corporations, lobbyists, and politicians conspire to steal from the public for their mutual enrichment under the guise of progressive rhetoric. The mercantilist scenario that you describe has absolutely no elements of voluntary exchange in it since it is driven by revenue streams that originate from political theft in the form of taxation and inflation. I think that its safe to assume that without government compulsion, neither of us would be paying the Xe Corporation for their services in the Middle East.

Leftist make a career out of pointing to the American corporatist/mercantilism system and saying "see how bad free markets are." The problem with this is that there are very few economic activities that take place in the US where the government doesn't have their hand in it through regulation, taxation, incentivization, subsidization, and military expansion. All of which are in fact products of progressivism. What they find themselves railing against are actually the by-product of the type of top-down imposition of government control (always done using egalitarianist rhetoric) that themselves are all hot for. The ghosts of FDR, Wilson, Truman, LBJ, Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, and Lincoln continue to haunt us today. If you are really looking for examples of free markets in America then you are reduced to having to settle for the classified ads and garage sales.

If you really care about accuracy in your bashing of “free markets”, then I suggest that you spend a little time studying Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard to get your mind right about what one is and isn't. We all suffer from a 100+ years of misinformation on this topic.

I'll have to leave it to a real "conservative" to give you the philosophical defense of their support for the Wilsonian-progressive policy of "spreading of democracy to make the world safer" that we are engaged in over there. However, as for taking up your challenge to defend the "free market", I really don't see how your average red-state conservative Republican can do that.

Posted by westerly62 on March 12, 2010 at 12:18 PM

Re: “War vs. Conservatism

Sorry, osterj and jonniev, to disagree with you but... No. We are not at War; We are at "Nation Building". We are at the business of fulfilling the desire of the neo-conservatives (Kristol, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Cheney, Bush I & II) to remake the world into a collection of socialist democratic states that are controlled and directed by the US and Western Europe political elite. The distinction can be hard to see since they both involve the use of troops, but let's see if we can break it down in Jeff Foxworthy style...

If you are spending more on improvement projects, relief, and political bribery than on bombs and bullets, you might be "Nation Building".

If there are as many bureaucrats and civilian contractors in the theater of operations as there are troops, then you might be "Nation Building".

If a description of what winning looks like cannot be made using more than a couple of sentences, you might be "Nation Building".

If the definition of who is the enemy changes during the campaign, you might be "Nation Building".

If you expand operations into other nation states using the pretext of a violation of some UN resolution, you might be "Nation Building".

If after almost a decade after 9/11 and after a trillion or two has been spent, the mighty US Government has still failed to bring the declared mastermind Osama bin Laden to justice, you might be "Nation Building".

I could go on all day, but then I'd hate for you to miss getting your marching orders from Hannity and Levin and I really need to get back to sticking my "head in the sand".

Posted by westerly62 on March 11, 2010 at 5:06 PM
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