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In Craig We Trust

Is Craigslist like a synonym for "heaven" or what? We think so. After all, where else can you find a job, an apartment, and that stranger you thought was attractive at Starbucks? Its "Free" section has plenty of stuff you need and plenty more that you probably don't but should get because it's just plain neat. There are just two things you should keep in mind; first, with gas at $4 a gallon, it might not make too much sense to drive out to Summerville for a no-cash curbside couch. And second, people have abused the website in the past, so when you go out to get yourself one of those free guinea pigs, bring someone with you to help fend off any put-the-lotion-in-the-basket weirdos. It'll be the perfect bonding experience with that new roommate. The following is just a sample of the freebies that were available a few weeks back.


At least one of these gets listed every week. With a little bit of dedication, you'll have a sofa Stonehenge built in no time.

Skateboard ramp

No living room is complete without it. Your landlord will love you.

Bubble wrap

Forget packing up your valuables. This is just for stress relief or scaring your roommate at 3 in the morning the day before final exams.

New England road maps

You can never start planning that spring break road trip too early. Note to self: Buy a parka, not a bathing suit. Beantown's gonna be cold.

Metal frame for an above-ground pool

You'll be the hit of your dorm. Well, you will be whenever you get the rest of pool.


Any fraternity can have a foam party, but only the best will have a mud wrestling rink.

Cardboard boxes

Your friends will think you're silly for stocking up before school has even began, but you'll have the last laugh come May. And at the very least you'll have a place to live when the money runs out.

20 unopened Kool-Aid packs

You'll be swimming in hunch punch for months. And missing a whole semester of 8 a.m. classes thanks to those daily hangovers.

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