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It's about time for a vast left-wing conspiracy

Last week, I decided to visit the friendly folks at the Alliance For Full Acceptance's March meeting and see what was new.

What was new was Jo Wyrick, the recently-installed executive director of National Stonewall Democrats (NSD)-- the sole mother ship organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Democrats.

Like its opposite aisle colleagues, Log Cabin Republicans, NSD is a strictly nationwide, partisan, political organization (unlike AFFA which focuses on educational issues and cultural change). It is the intent of NSD to work within the Democratic Party to improve things legally and politically for LGBT citizens.

"However," according to Wyrick, "this does not mean we give our loyalty or our money or our votes blindly. We all know Democrats who are lily-livered or unhelpful to our issues, but as a whole, the LGBT community is better served by those elected bodies that have Democrats in the majority."

"The key," she said, "is to find 'which' Democratic candidates are the right fit for LGBT issues, regardless of how mundane the individual race might seem."

She continued, "Revolution begins on the local level by building a local power base and then sending your people to the state conventions and becoming delegates to the national party convention. If you become the people who elect the party delegates, then you are also the people who make the policy decisions."

Stonewall Democrats are independent chapters that choose (or not) to affiliate with NSD. The individual chapter's board of directors set its own agenda. NSD ends up as a patchwork of diverse groups that roughly mirrors the differing cultures and priorities of America itself.

NSD then helps the local and regional chapters have peer-to-peer discussions of how and why one chapter's expertise might help another's experience and to provide these communities with common ground. Local chapters make their own candidate endorsements without NSD interference or influence.

NSD doesn't lobby on a national level in the traditional sense because it works to get the people who get lobbied elected. "It is now very difficult and embarrassing for Democrats on The Hill to avoid the LGBT community," she said. "It's a sea change from 10 years ago."

For me, Wyrick's remarks were a refreshing change from nervous banter I'd been hearing from Democrats outside the purview of AFFA who seem to be capable of only following the national media's fascination with Hillary or Obama and worrying about offending the S.C. GOP.

Not that state Republicans ever gave a rat's ass about offending SC Demos.

Before and after Wyrick's remarks, the banter among the assembled was concerned with the untoward remarks made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace (USMC) towards homosexuals in general and the widely-derided "Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell" policy.

The consensus seemed to be, "Suck it up, soldier!"

I didn't hear many demand that the general make an apology and I didn't particularly wish to hear one myself for the simple reason that I have an inherent distrust of public pleas for absolution because they lack the sincerity and conviction of the original statement that landed somebody in the doghouse to begin with.

Although private views aren't entirely irrelevant when it comes to public figures, be they members of the armed forces or not, if I heard Ms. Wyrick correctly, when we start choosing the people who nominate the people who hire the people for a job like Peter Pace's, then Americans don't have to worry about bigots in high places -- and I'm not just talking about the LGBT community.

Let's frame the debate, shall we? Now, who wants to run for dogcatcher?


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