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Re: “Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally

500 religious fanatics showed up to deny women healthcare pretending such tea bagger bigotry was religious freedom? It is a lie that the Vatican wants expanded against the fact that abortions save lives, birth control pills cure vulvadynia, ovarian cysts & endometriosis BUT THESE gawdly gangsters won't admit any such fact, just their religious obsessions with fertilized human ova, these were the same dozen or so tampon terrorists who show up every Saturday morning to scream at all who enter the abortion clinic on Ashey River road

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on June 11, 2012 at 12:33 PM

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Re: “What if Charleston had a progressive political tradition?

there's no such thing as a polite lie regarding seccessionist traitors who fired canon @ FT Sumter to ignite a 5 year blood bath that left over a million people dead, amputees and millions more homes & farms plundered from Gettysburg to Gulfport

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on December 27, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Re: “What if Charleston had a progressive political tradition?

Ol' Strom Thurmond himself stands as the poster boy for "progressive" in S Carolina. After raping a 15 year old black girl in his upstate house AS A 23 year old up and coming "progressive" Thurmond went on to pay for the USC education of his rape progeny..... Thurmond doled and dallied towards many blacks while SPEWING SOME OF THE NATION'S most vitriolic segregationist SPEECHES while signing or voting horrific racist laws.... we should not forget our Glenn McConnell who "honors" his forebears by wearing the rebel uniform often and employing a black man and black woman to wear period slave clothing at "parties" in Charleston & West Ashley.... something about nostalgia for the days when owners raped black women to sell their babies on the steps of the US Customs House.... the stones are still there stained with the current liars for "deeply troubled history with regard to race..." water down any description of rape, lynchings and whippings of "servants" selling off family members for 18 decades in this city and I can only call such typists liars here...

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on December 27, 2013 at 8:11 PM

Re: “What if dueling had never been outlawed in South Carolina?

not funny ... I've always supported a return to dueling with less than lethal weapons... as if I were Monica's brother, dad, uncle and I could gain satisfaction from William Jefferson Bleigh Clinton for jacking off on her dress ... spanking slick Willie on the buttocks with my harmless sword SO HARD HE WILL REMEMBER not to molest young women and stay home with Billary or divorce her .... as for the tampon terrorist Gasque who has bruised my ribs twice and attacked women entering the clinic property after parking across the street AND TWICE THIS lunatic fool grabbed crying children by the arm inside the back seats of cars AND TWICE I HAD TO PULL THE assailant out of the car window spinning him into the elephant grass... the camerman is Timothy John Cox CONVICTED of assault upon my person and his voice saying "oh yes, oh yes" is AN OVER DUB of his sounds masturbating ERASING OVER THE sounds of both Gasque and Cox screaming at me " LARRY LIES A BABY DIES " I escaped without injuring the fanatic Cox refusing to drive off to the right towards the camera, this is no crime but A NECESSITY 843-926-1750 @families4reeves @AtheistVet Larry_Carter_Center@yahoo.com

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on December 27, 2013 at 7:52 PM

Re: “Election Day 2012 put us to sleep: A wrap-up

brainless Haire misses the boat again... at least he labeled the problem correctly BALLOTgate .........................but Bobby Harrell is going to jail over AIRPLANEgate..... ................LtGov Ard is lucky A JUDGE let him off with 5 years probation and some heavy fines.... .................Bobby stole a million dollars from campaign donors, mostly FROM corporations who he sells TO our state property like BANDWIDTH to Verizon for 3 cents on the dollar....Bobby stole 110 trips to Columbia in recent years at 900 BobbyBuck$ a trip.... the only legal RE-IMBURSEMENT from taxpayers is 44.5 CENTS per mile one way at the beginning of the week and 44.5 cents per mile back home at the end of the week..... enriching yourself buying a half million dollar plane & parking it at ATLANTIC AVIATION in North Charleston is a crime of fraud when you claim travel to the job as legislator is an alleged CAMPAIGN EXPENSE ? ............NOW Bobby did travel legally to Key West Florida to snob around with the other 48 State House Speakers & their girlfriends..... for the record I am a Democrat expelled from the BALLOTgate by corrupt SC Sup Ct judges EX PARTE .... ................I don't live in Lexington, County, I'm not a defendant in a Jake Knotts scam at bar.... ...............My fusion campaign was to be no different from BIG WINNER COLLEEN CONDON who held 3 ballot lines of GREEN, WF & DEM parties.... .................so hairless brainless Chris calls me a "Partier?" And he asks "Who knows?" People who search for facts know. He could call me, my number has been on most of my posts for 5 years here on City Pages..... Haire could have watched Comcast Channel 2 Savage Report where Steinberger and I could be viewed for 6 minutes talking about 526 or what matters in House District 114 & state laws..... Haire could even pick up a copy of West of the Ashley newspaper and read detailed positions of 2 honest candidates for office while BOBBY HARRELL WAS BUSY mailing out 80 thousand dollars worth of Riley & Scott & McConnell endorsement post cards or a hundred thousand dollars worth of signs from East Cooper to Dorchester County & even more on radio ads.... Bobby got what his rich corporation lobbyists paid for, re-election in the cybervote....now it is time for law enforcement to arrest the thief, call Bobby the James & Tammy Faye Bakker of theocracy.... his golden AIRPLANEgate his ticket to a state prison cell. Call Alan Wilson and Roland Smith in Columbia and tell them to do their job & put the cuffs on Bobby.... www.hireLarryFireBobby.com 843-926-1750 @Greens926_1750 @VoteLarryDis114 Larry_Carter_Center@yahoo.com

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on November 12, 2012 at 6:53 AM

Re: “From a theological standpoint, Richard Mourdock was right

the incompetence and ignorance of all posters above is shocking.... no one read the bible in 1787 EXCEPT THOMAS JEFFERSON who took a razor blade to 2 bibles, cut out what few words or descriptions of his "jesus" he thought worthwhile and pasted such words to form one page then words from the second bible to the second page.... the scientific equivalent of a photo copy machine with cut & paste software .... Jefferson & Paine & other Deists were embarassed and condemned bible content .......1787 Northwest Ordinance provided for funds to publish bibles here in USA as weapons to conquer the native tribes and not spending a penny overseas on English printed bibles.... the book is officially obscene.... McKinley pardoned CC Moore for mailing pornographic verses VERBATIM from Song of Solomon.... ........... no illustrations, just faith smut..... ...................THE U. S. Constitution makes zero mention of the word, title or name of any alleged god..... Article 6 provides: "no religious test shall ever be required for any office or public trust under these United States." .................. What part of "no" don't you xian theocrat criminals NOT understand ? ........................Force James DeMint to read aloud Ezekiel 23:20 or 2 Kings 8:12 or Hosea 13:16 or Amos 1:11 or 2 Kings 15:16 and then tell us the bible is nothing but a PRO VIOLENT ABORTION BOOK and women having sex with donkeys that ejaculate more semen than a horse.... .....................READ IT and then who on this planet "believes" such insane printed phantasmagorical lunacy AS IS THE KING JAMES BIBLE 843-926-1750 @AtheistVet Larry_Carter_Center@yahoo.com what theocrats really want is the book to be a fetish and weapon to enslave women, reduce minimum wages and act out armageddon lies against Iran

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Posted by Volunteer BodyGuards on November 12, 2012 at 6:28 AM

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