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'90s rockers Collective Soul insist they're not washed up

click to enlarge Collective Soul in 2006: determined to get the good word out
  • Collective Soul in 2006: determined to get the good word out

Collective Soul
w/ Josh Kelly, Five Star Iris
Wed. Jan. 3
8 p.m.
$20 (adv.)
The Plex
2390 W. Aviation Ave.

At least 119 people in this country are dead-set certain that to this day, Collective Soul — singer Ed Roland, guitarists Dean Roland and Joel Kosche, bassist Will Turpin, and drummer Ryan Hoyle — are America's finest band. The rest of us are mere philistines; we're the ones asking, "What was that song? 'Let Your Light Shine Down' or something?" To the band's credit, they did put out other well-polished pop tunes like "The World I Know" and "December" (Turn your head now baby just spit me out"), but from reading the posts by the 119 registered users on the band's web forum, you'd think they were the goddamn Beatles.

The thread "What a surprise ... no Grammy nod!" lists the five music videos that were nominated this year, CS's "Home" being the apparent overlook (verbatim):

Rockinanny: "Wouldn't have bought a single item on the list. Who the f*ck is Terrance Blanchard?"

djbare: "Terence Blanchard is some f*cking jazz trumpeter, F*ck jazz."


swtjudyblui's: "Well, that just sucks!!!! It just reinforces my belief that there are so many people in this world who are just plain stupid!"

plumber: "They only look for crappy rap and 'clevlage.' They got Madonna who has 0 skill and sucks donkey balls. And I have no idea who cab for cutie or Blanchard is but I'm guessing they suck compared to Collective Soul."

Talk about a loyal fanbase. Reading the forum, you'll also learn that the band is back together after a four-year break, albeit as an indie band for the first time since that "Shine" song. "Our ideas are listened to for a change," says lead singer Ed Roland.

Unfortunately, without the polishing of a high-level producer, the mediocre songs downright suck, and they're relying on yelling "Sing along!" and getting the audience clapping to liven up the shows. But hell, this is a positive, pick-me-up band, right? Give them some credit. Roland's wife left him for the old guitarist, Ross, and it's been hard times.

ima prick: "All i said was he cried a river. I'm not the one who brought it up ya dumb ass."

gapch65: "ima, you are the biggest jerk I have ever seen. I can't believe how angry and filthy mouthed you are, but maybe you should listen to the song "Listen" again and learn to stop spewing your anger and bile everywhere you post."

Wasn't this the rock band that was so positive that Focus on the Family gave them a thumbs up? Cheer up, people. Your band's still playing and they're coming to town. But I won't be there — too much aggression.

CS4ever: "Bullshit City Paper writer."


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