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Re: “It's time to give up the carriage tour gimmick

Where DO people like you get the idea that they should be allowed to chart the course of someone else's life and "propose alternatives" just because THEY don't like what they do? By your own admission, the incident of a horse losing a shoe was promptly attended to...and as horse owners know, is a fairly common and insignificant occurrence, on a par with a woman having one of her "press on" fingernails come off. Yet, based on that incident, among others that you obviously lack the equine knowledge to understand, YOU have decided that simply because YOU feel it is "unnecessary" for horses to live and work in Charleston, you and others of your ilk should have the legal right to destroy lives and end a loved and thriving attraction that many others obviously enjoy. It costs a lot of money to feed and care for a draft horse...that the carriage companies are doing enough business to provide top notch care (and by your own admission, the incident that has you up in arms was cared for promptly and professionally, with the horse suffering no ill effects) for the horses, owners and staff proves that yours is an outlier opinion. And..."get rid of the horses"? REALLY? Have you failed to consider that people who have chosen to spend their lives working in partnership with animals are highly unlikely to consider them as "disposable" as you obviously do? Do you simply "get rid" of your pets (if, in fact, you have any) when they become "inconvenient" for you to keep? I sincerely hope that Charleston officials will take a long hard look at Mayor Bill DeBlasio's ill advised and futile attempt to shut down the thriving NYC horse carriage business...and unless they too are willing to commit political suicide, will ignore your suggestions with the contempt they deserve. Finally...suggesting that horsemen and horsewomen with decades of equine experience should be willing to trade their careers that they love for a job as a "tour guide", something more suited to a college kid earning extra money; is so breathtakingly arrogant that I can only respond to that by suggesting that YOU trade your "career" as a writer and do the same. I'm sure tourists will be more than willing to allow you to squeeze into their cars with them and point to attractions they can peer at through the car windows. The carriage rides are about the HORSE...something you even admit you enjoyed as a child, but are willing to deny to a new generation.

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Posted by Victorena Minchew on September 28, 2016 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Blondie the horse's accident raises moral questions about the carriage tour industry

It is totally amazing to me that people suddenly feel horses should not pull carriages...when horses pulling carriages in cities have done so ever since there WERE cities. The animal "rights" movement is ignoring science and biology in order to grant horses rights they don't need and remove the main one that matters most...the right to exist in our world.

Culinary Kid: "We did just fine without horses"? Seriously? Crack a history book open, Kid...we depended on horses for our very existence until the invention of the automobile, and in many, many places in the world, we still do! They aren't "asking you for help"...although they may be looking to see if you have a carrot. The rest of your post is too nasty and ridiculous to be taken seriously.

As someone who volunteers and donates to equine rescue, I can tell you...there are no "retirement farms" with open spaces for homeless horses. Over 150,000 of them went to slaughter in Mexico or Canada last year alone. Without jobs, that's what will happen to these horses also, especially because you'll have taken the livelihood from their owners, who will no longer be able to feed and care for them. Without caring owners, and remember, these people chose a career working with horses because they love and care for them, they'll end up in a kill pen.

"Free" in the horse world means no shelter, no feed, no water provided in buckets, no fans in the summer heat, no blankets in the winter cold, no vet care, no dental care, no hoof care, no CARE, period.

I fail to see why people are suddenly so concerned about the heat for horses...if you bothered to read the story, Blondie's fall had nothing to do with heat, and horses DO live outdoors, you know. They are NOT house pets.

If a careless driver runs over a dog, or scares a child on a bicycle causing him or her to chastise the careless driver. If he manages to spook a carriage horse so that he falls down...yeah, do remember, people, all that happened was that the horse fell down, he wasn't injured, he didn't don't chastise the driver, instead you want to ban the horse. As far as the concern about the "fumes"...smh...are you going to ban bicycles, motorcycles, pedicabs and walking? All those people are exposed to "fumes" also, aren't they? Oh, and before someone pipes up with "the horse doesn't have a CHOICE", let me tell you, any horseman or horsewoman knows you cannot "force" a horse to do anything he or she doesn't want to do. And without regular exercise, a draft horse will die anyway. Obesity creates serious issues with horses, causing them joint problems and hoof problems that shortens their lives. If you care about horses, truly'd be grateful that carriage tours exist to keep them working, healthy, cared for and out of the kill pens.

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Posted by Victorena Minchew on July 29, 2015 at 2:41 PM
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