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Re: “Thomas Massie's success bodes well for a more conservative GOP

Here is the way the country needs to be working ...… ..... So do you suppose Congress approved the Obama Kill List ??? they sure should have ..... Not one mention in this debate about how clever Obama is with his use of drones and the Kill list and if it were being done within the confinements of the US Constitution , meaning Congress gave him approval , was there ? Where the heck was the morning Joe people at here on Questioning the Constitutionality of this ??…

Posted by Tony Newbill on June 5, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Thomas Massie's success bodes well for a more conservative GOP

United States Budget Dilemma.wmv…

They are using the dependency of the Western nation on the BRIC Nations parts manufacturing supply as the means to collapse the solvency and sovereignty of the Western nations financial and vitality as they pour more paper dollars off the backs of US citizens into the IMF bleeding more paper cash into Europe . The problem with pouring more cash into the country is the same problem we have here in the USA , we have out sourced our primary wealth creator , Parts manufacturing down to where we are only a assembler of BRIC Parts manufacturing supply and this has capital circulating in the USA and Europe now maybe 2-3 times before it flows out of the USA and Europe over to the BRIC nations and this is why there is no recapitalization or capital formation taking place in the USA and Europe anymore just DEBT formation .
We need to Restore a balance to manufacturing not just because of financial displacement of capital but also so we are not Begging BRIC suppliers for Parts supplies like we are now to the point they are willing to defect from the Dollar . yes ?
We have to be as tuff on the BRIC nations as we are wanting to be with European budget gaps in terms of Currency valuation and revaluations regarding equality of nations GDP % or European divisions are going to drive them away from the USA and over to the BRIC nations alliance , first time since WW2 . This would leave the USA and the Dollar wide open to defections and Isolate the USA from Parts supplies because we don't have a Industrial base of manufacturing left to take the place of the Loss of imports that this kind of event would create .
Steve it can't be just all about pouring more paper into the IMF because if the BRIC suppliers still defect then what good is all that Paper capital going to do ?? The defectors from the EU will transition to the Yuan , they are already talking about this . The leverage is not in the paper anymore because we out sourced to much of what represented the paper dang it and now the BRIC has to much of that Leverage !!
I use to run cattle out in the deserts of eastern Oregon and we would Put Green Goggles on the Cattle so they would think there was some Grass to chase and eat .... it didn't work ... neither will just putting the Green paper in the pockets of the same un productive nations ... Substance baby its all about substance and whose controlling the majority of it !!!

Posted by Tony Newbill on June 5, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Re: “David Lee Nelson's tips for dealing with your right-wing family

Do you think what Happened with GM would have Happened if we would have stayed within the confinements of the Trade Policy of 1789 ?
First watch this video on whats happening with GM ...then read the way The Hamilton Tariff works to create and maintain a solvent sovereign national currency .……

Posted by Tony Newbill on May 29, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Re: “David Lee Nelson's tips for dealing with your right-wing family

The National Debt is connected to a Lack of durable production and valuation growth in the internationalism of world markets due to a Unfair trade policy or lack of Enforcing trade policy rules . My idea is a way to counter that dysfunction and bring deficit balance back to the negotiation of income equality thats been taken advantage of by trade participants that have no reason to change the profiteering of the Multi-national Investment culture of Hedge funds and Big Box Retail Corps off simple currency swaps thats bunched the capital flows of these trade transactions over the years into Off Shore accounts in tax free zones thats now leading us on a depressionary cycle because we have lost our credit subsidy that was covering up this unfair trade practice for the past 15 -18 years of WTO free trade policy .

Posted by Tony Newbill on May 29, 2012 at 11:22 AM

Re: “David Lee Nelson's tips for dealing with your right-wing family

Dear President Obama , Competing Currencies to Bring Peace too the World With the International Trade of all Currencies acting as the negotiating value of a trade agreement when the rules of free floating currency valuation and GDP growth are Not being followed .
This would allow the participation of all Nations currencies to be traded to force a revaluation of a Nations Currency if it were not truly valued as determined by the International currency markets interpretation of what that Countries true GDP was , and this would be like Creating a international Investment Trade on a Daily basis on Trade agreement negotiation forcing fair trade valuations whether the WTO trade partners wanted to follow the rules of fair Trade or not .
This notion for a minute the idea that Competing Currencies can work like Competing Nations trade of durable production does in that when a Trade agreement is not working because a Nation creates a Unfair Trade platform by not following a set of rules that all trade partners are required to do that then affects the other nations ability to compete then what is needed is a Counter action in the Currencies markets by the Independent traders all seizing on the currency of a nations lack of following the rules set forth in the currency rule agreement .
The fact that Greed of hedge funds that have simply taken advantage of this Past 15 years of currency swap manipulation is where I would Question the Patriotism of these Kind of International Investment Institutions trade principles and how they have not been effective in using investment as a way to bring equality across the World but rather Bunched Capital Flows and caused more Inequality due to a lack of focus on the way Trade has Not been managed for the greater good of world societies with this simply just taking advantage of a Currency manipulation and doing NOTHING about it! This is why I don't see Romney as a Viable Leader but only a Plutocracy in the making that could take the world in a direction that ends in a Equality Disaster with More Human Conflict as the result .
I think you can rally support from the Ron Paul supporters with this kind of a Currency Policy and actually gain some of that Voting block if you adopt this strategy into your Monetary policies Mr. President ,…

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Posted by Tony Newbill on May 29, 2012 at 11:09 AM

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