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Re: “America's senseless War on Drugs is a war on black and Latino men

As someone who leans pretty far to the left, it's interesting to see this point of view from an establishment Republican. I've always found it strange how the right combines these seemingly irreconcilable ideals of libertarianism (if that's a word) and simplistic religiously-derived morality, so it's nice to see someone with Ravanel's allegiances standing up and saying "this doesn't make any sense." Of course, it would be nicer if the establishment Republican standing up didn't have a conviction for drug crime on his rap sheet, but maybe he can talk some of his former colleagues into taking another look at the issue. I worry there's so much invested in our prison-industrial-complex, however, that it's going to be tough to make much headway. Especially when more municipalities are starting to guarantee minimum occupancy for new prisons being built for private operators.

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Posted by theohuxtubble on June 20, 2012 at 11:27 AM

Re: “A poor schmuck navigates the world of rich bastard burgers

While I don't love franchise/chains, and they don't serve beer (or do they? some do, maybe), I have to admit Five Guys does the trick when I want a no-frills burger. They've got em everywhere now. And the fries are great.

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Posted by theohuxtubble on June 20, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Re: “Server is burned by Burger

@mat catastrophe
I fail to see what, in Margot's post, implies she isn't at least well along the road to self-actualization. At least according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the details she provides suggest she's seen to most of her preliminary needs, and it might just be that bartending is the path she's chosen to continue her journey towards self-actualization, whether she'd use that language or not. Maybe she's actively engaged in self-actualization. Maybe not. Regardless, I'm not sure how what she wrote has convinced you one way or the other.

That said, I did read the piece in question, and I think there is a bit of knee-jerk defensiveness going on. I don't think it's very insightful or particularly well-written, but there's a lot of conditional language in there. "Some" people this. "It can be" that. At no point does he make a sweeping generalization that everyone in F&B is a drug addict. I've worked at probably a dozen restaurants, myself, and there was only ONE where drugs weren't being dealt out of the kitchen, at least on a small scale.

I think his point, insofar as there is a point, is that it's easy for people who don't intend to continue in F&B for years after graduating sometimes do, because the money is good and they like the lifestyle. I think he might even by sympathetic to those who do feel stuck. As someone who moved on from F&B not because he had a problem with F&B, but simply because he wanted to try something else, I've known plenty of happy career waiters and plenty of people who fit the description of the unhappy "lifers" he describes.

I also think it's a poorly-written column, which has led, in large part, to a lot of the backlash. But the conversation it's started might have some positive outcomes, as people on both sides think about where they stand, and why.

At the end of the day, I'm just glad there are people over at Moe's that have chosen, for whatever reason, to stay in the industry long enough for me to get my delicious half-priced burger tonight.

Posted by theohuxtubble on September 21, 2010 at 4:31 PM

Re: “DeMint cringes at thought of a gay president

on a kind-of-related note, i just feel like this whole issue is indicitive of the hypocracy of the republican party on this issue. isn't the republican party all about less government involvement in the private lives of citizens? wouldn't "less involvement" be simply allowing person A to marry person B? let the individual churches work out what their rules are. if the greek orthodox church at which you've always wanted to have your wedding won't allow it, find another church.

for the people using the argument that marriage is an institution developed to provide a stable environment in which to raise one's young, maybe we should require all parents to marry? or at least ban divorce? and as for tax breaks being about the kids, too, what about married heteros who don't have kids? don't they get tax breaks?

look demint, if you think it's wrong and want it to be illegal because it disgusts you on a personal level, just admit that you're not capable of keeping your own moral judgements from influencing policy decisions. oh, and QUIT. please.

and before anyone responds that legalizing same-sex unions amounts to more goverment, i respond that no, failing to address an inequality that has existed for hundreds of years is not more government. it's changing with the times and admitting we, as a society, will always have room to improve. unless you're honestly willing to argue government didn't have any right to abolish slavery, too, in which case you're a moron, and i'm glad i don't have to sit in what is probably your very boring church with you every sunday. you know, because church and state are (supposed to be) separate in this country.

my suggestion: let ANYONE enter into a legal civil union, and banish the word "marriage" from government entirely. leave it up to churches/synogogues/mosques/cults/whatever to figure out who they will/won't allow to make their legal civil union holy in the eyes of God, or whomever they worship.

and yes, i will be running for senate next term.

Posted by theohuxtubble on February 18, 2010 at 4:04 PM

Re: “DeMint cringes at thought of a gay president

@ brybry

good point about the divorce rate. didn't divorce used to be a sin, too?

@ john allen

what do you care? why does demint care so much? most of the fags and lesbos i've known have been decent enough people, as have most of the straight people i've known. what harm does it do you for them to marry?

Posted by theohuxtubble on February 18, 2010 at 2:27 PM
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