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We're all rubberneckers.

We all hate the traffic back-ups caused by an accident, and we (well, most of us) don't really want anyone to be seriously injured when it's our turn to drive by the scene. But part of us wants to see something — to make it worth the time we spent stuck in traffic.

Reading someone's blog is like rubbernecking past his or her life while you go on your own way.

Click. A post about a condition that affects all the senses — but in a really cool way.

"Green is smooth. Wednesday is blue. Blue is cold. Pork is pointy. I could go on indefinitely. I found out a few years ago that it — the weird association thing I never knew had a name — has a name: Synesthesia."


Click. A post about breaking into someone else's car. Accidentally.

"My stomach dropped into my shoes and I immediately thought, 'Oh my god. Someone broke into my car, fucked with the locks, and stuck Happy Bunny to the window as some sort of smart-ass message to me that they'd messed with my car.'"

the redhead papers:

Click. A post about finding something unexpected in your soup.

"The sushi was great. However, last night while enjoying my soup, I found a fingernail on my spoon."

Confessions of a Nobody:

I'm not saying we want to be grossed-out or scared all the time. I'm just using the car wreck analogy to make a point. We want to know what's going on in other folks' lives as a kind of compare-and-contrast test to our own: "At least I'm not as messed-up as that guy." "I wish I was as funny as she is." "I know exactly how she feels."

And the beauty about blogs is that they're two-way streets. Bloggers want to hear from you, too. So pull over for a while at someone's site and leave a comment before heading off to your next destination ... it don't cost nothin', and no one's gonna ask you for your insurance information. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, kids.



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