The poetry of Charleston Craigslist 

Loneliness in free verse

The Missed Connections board is chock full of poetry.

The Missed Connections board is chock full of poetry.

Before the Internet Age, you had to go out of your way to learn about people's secret passions and sore regrets. If you wanted to earn the requisite level of confidence from someone, you had to either pour yourself into a long-term relationship or pour a stranger a stiff drink.

Or you could read confessional poetry.

Today, if you want to peek at the depths of sorrow or the heights of romantic fervor, you neither have to acquire loose-lipped friends nor listen to people wearing berets in smoky cafes. Presented below are actual entries from the Missed Connections section of Charleston Craigslist, divided into lines and stanzas and presented without embellishment.

Wasn't sure about vibe - m4m - 48 (Summerville)

I talked to you
a little after midnight
in a parking lot about
failed relationships and custom car shows
wasn't sure if you were trying to hookup
or what?

Walmart dancer - m4w - 50 (Mount Pleasant)

You were ahead of me
in quick checkout at Walmart,
wore white shorts and casual blouse;

I started whistling
an "old tune" you recognized
and you started dancing right there.

We spoke briefly
and shared oldies music memories.
I said "you have a great memory for music"
and you smiled
then walked away.

If you have rhythm
in your soul
and are looking for fun,
contact me here.

I hope we meet again.

the art dealing redhead - m4w - 25

I was drinking at the Gin Joint on East Bay,
and you
were sitting a couple seats down.
We talked about art,
my poor taste in modern artists,

and you
made me nail down my plans for the future,
and then "fate" had us separated.
Here's to hoping
I hear from you again ...

Long delay in Houston airport - w4m - 29 (into the wild)

You were reading "Into the Wild"
but you finished it
and then had nothing to read
for the next three hours.

I thought I caught you looking at me
a couple times, and I pretended to ignore you.

But I observed with great detail
as you
took off your sweater.

Just wanted a certain
tall, slender, golden-haired stranger
to know he made an awkward girl's airport delay
a little more pleasant.

- Ukulele Girl

looking for the former Betty Parnell - m4w - 70 (Bonneau beach)

remember the Port Park Skating Rink?
looking for Betty Parnell.
I think she lives in goose creek.

Help me.

Circle K Holiday and Main - m4w - 42 (Summerville)

You work there and are absolutely gorgeous,
makes my day everytime I see you
but it never seems
like a good time
to say anything.

Fire West Ashley - m4w - 37 (Charleston)

There was a fire in our neighborhood.
We met each other outside
while investigating the fire
and we chatted.

I really enjoyed meeting you
and would love to see you


As a disclaimer, this idea was stolen wholesale from the New York Times.

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