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Scott Suchy

We love journalism, we really do. But after a year like this, couldn't we all use a little escape? We think so. That's why we enlisted 12 writers and artists to give us their best essays, fiction, poetry, and lyrics, along with illustrations, for a grab bag of wildly different stories. So pour a cup of cocoa and curl up next to the fire (or should we say fan? Looking at you 80° December) and enjoy our annual Lit Issue.

Listen to the 2016 Lit Issue on your holiday drive
Listen to the 2016 Lit Issue on your holiday drive Get Lit

This year, when we decided to reprise our year-end Literary Issue, we wanted to do something a little different to help some of this city's up-and-coming writers reach a new audience. So we asked them to stop by the office for a reading of their original work for an all-new audio version of our 2016 Lit Issue. — Sam Spence

The Gift
The Gift The Lit Issue

The box was sitting in the corner of the apartment like a present that had been sent to time-out. I discovered it late January, the day we (finally) threw the tree out. It was sitting in a pile of dead pine needles, one inch safe from a teeny pile of cat vomit, looking expectant, like it had been patiently waiting. — Corrie Wang

Back and Forth
Back and Forth The Lit Issue

Jon had always been a dock rat. As a kid he'd elbow Fletcher out of the way to be first off their dad's Boston whaler, taking that huge leap off the gunnel, rope in hand. He loved lassoing the rope against the firm steel cleat, then reaching up to help his mom off the boat. He fancied himself daring, useful, purposeful. — Stephanie Hunt

Why can't his name be Stipe?
Why can't his name be Stipe? The Lit Issue

It's been 12 1/2 years now and that question still pops up in my head. In fact, on most occasions when I'm enjoying a beer (or two) with friends and my wife is around, the story ends up popping up like Christmas elves at the mall. — Ayinde Moir Waring

Pompeii The Lit Issue

Our love
Was built on
An indian burial ground
Cursed, cursed — Joseph Coker

Closing Ceremonies, Crescent Beach
Closing Ceremonies, Crescent Beach The Lit Issue

Twin divers launch from their platforms,
fold, tuck, extend, before the water accepts them

in unison, the splash as quiet as the light rain
that begins to fall on this house that is not ours,

Anna Claire Hodge

Gone From There
Gone From There The Lit Issue

Pa wont ever be the same after Grandma Judy killed herself, I reckon. He tried to hide it behind those lifeless eyes of his, but he always looked like he was thinking something heavy. — Aaron Wood

Music, Moments, Messages... and Me
Music, Moments, Messages... and Me The Lit Issue

At the risk of sounding cliché, I confess — music saved my life. I say those words with all the conviction my spirit can muster. Music brought me through very tumultuous years, which often define our life's direction. I'm referring to those specific, precious tunes we feel nobody quite understands like we do. — Benjamin Starr

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